Bedfellow by Jeremy C. Shipp

Synopsis: It broke into their home and set up residence in their minds.

When the . . . thing first insinuated itself into the Lund family household, they were bemused. Vaguely human-shaped, its constantly-changing cravings seemed disturbing, at first, but time and pressure have a way of normalizing the extreme. Wasn’t it always part of their lives?

As the family make more and greater sacrifices in service to the beast, the thrall that binds them begins to break down. Choices must be made. Prices must be paid. And the Lunds must pit their wits against a creature determined to never let them go.

It’s psychological warfare. Sanity is optional.

Review: This is a very intriguing novel and I was really curious to discover the story.

The Lund family saw a man appear in their house one day. They don’t know him. Yet this thing is far from ordinary. He takes root in your life and makes you believe that he has always been part of it. It creeps in gently, from family acquaintances to family and you do everything for him. The thing has a strong grip!

I had a really good time with that novel. The idea is quite original and it was very interesting to discover this thing called Marvin. He is a very special character and at the same time very intelligent. I was curious to see how this little family would manage.

As I said, I had a good time, it’s a very interesting subject.

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