Fire Season by Stephen Blackmoore

Eric Carter, Book 4

Synopsis: Los Angeles is burning.

During one of the hottest summers the city has ever seen, someone is murdering mages with fires that burn when they shouldn’t, that don’t stop when they should. Necromancer Eric Carter is being framed for the killings and hunted by his own people.

To Carter, everything points to the god Quetzalcoatl coming after him, after he defied the mad wind god in the Aztec land of the dead. But too many things aren’t adding up, and Carter knows there’s more going on.

If he doesn’t figure out what it is and put a stop to it fast, Quetzalcoatl won’t just kill him, he’ll burn the whole damn city down with him.

Review: I really enjoyed the previous volumes, and I rushed to this sequel as soon as I had the opportunity.

After the clashes with the gods, Eric tries to understand the consequences, although none of this is simple. He doesn’t know what happened with Santa Muerte or what became of her, just like Tabitha, and it seems like new problems are coming up! Indeed, it seems that someone is trying to blame him for the death of several mages. Everyone thinks that it’s him and everyone wants to kill him. But that’s not all, the gods are back, and some are willing to do anything to make Eric pay! Our hero will have to do everything possible to save his city, and especially to save himself!

I really had a great time, once again, and I was delighted to see all the characters again! This novel allows us to understand a little more about Darius for example or other points discussed. The author’s universe is really interesting and unique. Eric always does everything to save himself, and the others come after him. He will have to use his power to the maximum of his abilities, and he will discover more about his past and his family, and above all he will make new agreements, the continuation of which I am curious to see!

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