How to Dance an Undead Waltz by Hailey Edwards

The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy, Book 4

Synopsis: Keep a spot open on your dance card. This is one ball you don’t want to miss.

Grier is nursing a broken heart after Boaz announced his engagement to another woman, but life goes on. Or it would if vampire assassins would stop taking pot shots at her every time she leaves Woolworth House. Seriously, who sends archers to deliver murdergrams these days?

To protect herself, Grier must pull out all the stops, even if it means revealing her darkest secret. All eyes are on her, and — for the first time — she begins to understand why Linus wears so many masks. But the target isn’t Grier, and when the archers single him out, it feels like one of their arrows might have struck what remains of her heart.

Review: I love this series so much and I bought Volume 4 just after finishing the previous one, and I got into it right away! Yes, because I was really looking forward to learning more! I’m weak, by the way, because I’ve already ordered Volume 5! And I’m really curious to read it!

Grier had to face the changes in her life and especially the absence of Amelie and Boaz. It’s not easy, far from it, but fortunately for her, Linus is there to assist and help her. It’s so easy to get attached to this character, and even if it’s a little complicated to trust him at 100%, I’ve completely melted away! Yes! Completely. Ah Linus! He is so careful with Grier, he doesn’t try to keep her trapped in a golden cage, and above all he will do anything to protect her! It’s really touching and cute to see them together.

I really had a great time with this novel! We’re learning more about Grier and Linus. We also learn more about the cellar of her house. Boaz also appears a few times, although these encounters are not easy. We meet the master!!!!!!! But of course, there is also the problem with the Le Marchand, but also with the vampire assassins who seem ready to do anything to kill Grier! So she’s going to have to use her powers to the maximum to save herself and her loved ones!

So you understand that there is a lot going on in this book and, as I said, I look forward to the next one!

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