Tombs of Endearment by Casey Daniels

Pepper Martin, Book 3

Synopsis: Cemetery tour guide Pepper Martin never imagined she’d get to meet rock legend Damon Curtis, the bad boy poet who made millions of teenage girls scream. After all, he kicked the bucket years before she was born. But thanks to her newfound ability to chat up the dead, Pepper’s got a front row seat perfect for swooning over the still-sexy Damon’s latest lyrics. He’s convinced that his former bandmate Vinnie Pallucci murdered him back in ‘71, and he’s promised Pepper she won’t get any rest or peace until she helps him prove it.

But when Pepper goes behind the music, she finds Vinnie with a knife in his heart and the rest of the band members running for their lives. And if Pepper doesn’t snare the killer soon, Damon’s next hit from the great beyond might be her swan song.

Review: As always, I was eager to discover this third novel of our dear Pepper Martin. I always have a great time with each story and once again Casey Daniels took me away with this new novel and I’m delighted!

It’s time for Damon Curtis, a famous singer, to come on the scene and to ask our heroine for help. He can not leave and it looks like someone has a hold on him, preventing him from moving forward. While she did not want to interfere in this case, Pepper will put her feet right in it!

I loved following this survey. It was interesting to see what had happened in this band so long ago and still relevant today. I was touched by the relationship between Damon and Pepper. It’s something different from what we’ve seen so far and we understand perfectly what the young woman may feel. In addition to that, Pepper will eventually face Dan and an intriguing proposition. In fact, I am curious to learn more about it. And then there is Quinn of course. How to resist him? And I was also surprised to meet Pepper’s ex-fiancé and I must say I was proud of her.

It was like I said, once again, a very nice novel and I’m curious to read more! These novels are like little treats that are hard to stop once you start them! I always want more.



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