Hat Trick by Maria Luis

Blades Hockey, Book 3

Synopsis: The NHL’s most charming player is ready to score a hat trick on and off the ice…

As the star forward for the Boston Blades, I’ve earned a reputation for no-strings attached hookups and a mean slapshot that has all the ladies purring — but it’s never been the one woman I want to see all fired up and ready to score.

Boston’s own Ice Queen Gwen James has had my emotions all tangled up for years. I’ve played the games. I’ve sat on the sidelines.

No matter her reasons, I’m done being benched.

When she approaches me for a second chance, I accept on one condition: she’s got to prove she’s all in.

No kissing. No sex.

It just might kill me to keep my hands to myself, but it’s time Gwen knows what it’s like to beg.

At the end of the day, I play to win, and I want what no other man has ever had…her heart.

Review: I was really looking forward to discovering Gwen’s story. It must be said that we had discovered her since the first story where she had a fairly important role to start with, but it was also the case with the rest! So yes, I was looking forward to knowing everything about her.

Gwen seems cold, it’s a bit like that that we’ve seen her from the beginning, but in this novel, we finally understand why. Our dear heroine really didn’t have an easy life, between a mother who continually belittles her and an absent father. That’s how our heroine became the woman she is, the one who doesn’t trust men, and even less so Hunt who has been trying for years to date her. But here we are after yet another refusal, Hunt decides that he had enough, that he will stop, and Gwen realizes that she had always taken him for granted. So to get him back, she’s going to have to work, to show that she really wants him and this time she has no choice.

Like I said, I loved following Gwen, finally seeing who she really was. She is a sensitive woman who wants things to be done the way she wants, but she is afraid it will change. And there’s Hunt… His past is also always there to catch him up  and he really doesn’t know how to get rid of it.

I had a good time with this novel once again and I am curious to see who will be highlighted in the next one!

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  1. I do love seeing both people have to work at a good relationship and not just one of them. This sounds really good and I’m glad that Gwen’s story was as good as you were anticipating.

    Joyeux Noel, Melliane!

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