Mr. Accidental Hero by Gina Robinson

Jet City Matchmaker, Book 1

Synopsis: You don’t need a cape to be a hero.

One beautiful trend-spotting consultant.
One hot Seattle multimillionaire looking for his soul mate.
They meet first by accident. But when their matchmaker pairs them up, falling in love is anything but accidental.

Jeremy Marino is the kind of guy who runs towards the sound of gunfire, leaping in to help anyone in trouble. His friends call him the accidental hero. He always seems to be at the right place at the right time to save a life.

Crystal Pruitt is the kind of woman who instinctively jumps in to help people in trouble. Her friends call her the accidental heroine. But a cool-hunter like her can’t afford any publicity.

When they meet working to save a trucker from his burning beer truck, the chemistry between them is off the charts. Until Crystal disappears into the gathering crowd, leaving Jeremy wondering if he’ll ever be able to find her again. Was their attraction real or just the heat of the moment?

Review: When I saw the cover of the novel, I thought it would be a nice and humorous romance. And I have to say that it fits quite well, even if the story is not really what I expected. But I must say that I had not read the synopsis that summarizes the novel.

As you can imagine from the synopsis, we follow Jeremy and Crystal during their first explosive encounter, then in their arranged dates. It was quite nice to follow them and the novel reads pretty fast, but I must say that I had trouble with the credibility of the story. Everything’s really going too fast. And what can I say when, on the third date our hero proposes to her? It’s something I’m really having a hard time with, so it’s been a little complicated for me.

This aside, it was a nice novel to read and the story still made me have a good time.

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