Before by Bethany-Kris

Synopsis: Before everything changed …

He was just Lev Arsov. Bartender. Occasional illegal fighter. Struggling to get by.

Before the world watched …

She was just Gigi Parker. Unknown. Fledgling model. Barely making it work.

Before he was Pink, the mob enforcer, and she was Gigi Rey, the supermodel, they met by chance. It was only fun. No strings. Two people who didn’t have the first clue how different their lives would soon be.

But that was before …

Before everything changed.

Review: The author surprised us with this novella (which is a preview) that takes place in Pink’s past and tells the story of our hero’s past and his meeting with Gigi. But that’s not all, because she also tells us about the meeting between Andino and Pink. And we finally learn where this nickname comes from.

It was a short novel, but not so short in the end and I really enjoyed learning more about Pink that you often see in Andino + Haven’s novels.

I had a really good time with this story and it was a good discovery. Now I can’t wait to get into “Pink”!


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