The Fiery Crown by Jeffe Kennedy

Forgotten Empires, Book 2

Synopsis: A queen and her rebel prince turn from enemies to lovers while evil forces plot to destroy them in this lush romantic fantasy.

Following The Orchid Throne, Conri and Lia’s marriage of convenience has turned into an uneasy alliance. If only the two leaders could agree on something. Driven by revenge, Conri wants to attack Emperor Anure before the tyrant gets to them first. But Lia needs to keep Calanthe safe, and refuses to sacrifice her kingdom. Their ongoing battle for control has built up tension they’re both more than happy to release in bed, the only place where they find common ground. But Conri and Lia are developing deeper feelings for each other that are complicating matters. In the second book in the Forgotten Empires trilogy, Conri and Lia find their loyalties torn, and with Emperor Anure’s threat growing, will they be able to risk everything with each other before it’s too late??

Review: I had a great time with the first volume and I must say that I was looking forward to this sequel. In fact I can tell you that this volume 2 surpassed the first one and I am even more impatient now to have volume 3 in my hands.

Lia and Conri are now married but cohabitation is not easy. It must be said that our two heroes have two completely different goals. Lia’s goal is to save Calanthe and keep her people safe, and Conri’s is to take revenge by any means possible on Anure. But when the feelings they thought they never had for each other appear, things get even more complicated. Their supporters are counting on them, so our protagonists will have to make important choices.

I had a really great time and was curiously waiting for the confrontation with Anure. It must be said that our heroes, especially Lia, will have to overcome some difficult obstacles and I can’t even imagine how they will manage.

It was a very nice novel in a fascinating universe. Conri will make discoveries he didn’t think possible and Lia will have to do everything she can to get out alive.

Yes, I’m looking forward to the rest!


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  1. Great review. I have been really intrigued by this series, I own the first book so I really need to get on that and read this series!!! Love seeing a couple making life work despite the different goals they have originally.

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