Old Bones by Douglas Preston

Nora Kelly, Book 1

Synopsis: The first in the groundbreaking Nora Kelly series from #1 bestselling authors Preston & Child blends the legend of the Donner party with a riveting suspense tale, taking the dynamic duo’s work to new heights.

Nora Kelly, a young but successful curator with a series of important excavations already under her belt, is approached by the handsome Historian, Clive Benton, to lead an expedition unlike any other. Clive tells his story–one involving the ill-fated Donner Party, who became permanently lodged in the American consciousness in the winter of 1847, when the first skeletonized survivors of the party stumbled out of the California mountains, replete with tales of courage, resourcefulness, bad luck, murder, barbarism–and, finally, starvation and cannibalism.

Captivated by the Donner Party, Nora agrees and they venture into the Sierra Nevada in search of the camp. Quickly, they learn that the discovery of the missing starvation camp is just the tip of the iceberg–and that the real truth behind those long-dead pioneers is not only far more complex and surprising than they could have imagined…but it is one that puts them both in mortal danger from a very real, present-day threat in which the search for the lost party, and its fabled fortune in gold, are merely means to a horrifying end.

Review: I always have a good time with the Pendergast’s adventures and I was very curious to discover this new spin off series!

Nora Kelly is a renowned archaeologist and when a historian comes to find her to do new excavations, it’s hard for her to refuse. The want to find the lost encampment of a group who got lost in the mountains who were forced into cannibalism in order not to die. But in the end everyone died. This place is full of stories and could also be home to an immense treasure. At the same time, we follow Corrie Swanson, a new FBI agent who is investigating the murder of several people who seem to be connected to a man who died in this famous camp.

The theme of the story was really very interesting and as I have always been passionate about archaeology, I thought it was very nice to have such a novel. If I had the impression that there were lengths, I had a good time with this story and I was curious to see exactly what it was about. I have to say that the authors mastered the story well, because I didn’t expect the outcome.

It was a good first volume and I’m curious to find out more!


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