The Night Window by Dean Koontz

Jane Hawk, Book 5

Synopsis: Since her sensational debut in The Silent Corner, readers have been riveted by Jane Hawk’s resolute quest to take down the influential architects of an accelerating operation to control every level of society via an army of mind-altered citizens. At first, only Jane stood against the “Arcadian” conspirators, but slowly others have emerged to stand with her, even as there are troubling signs that the “adjusted” people are beginning to spin viciously out of control. Now, in the thrilling, climactic showdown that will decide America’s future, Jane will require all her resources–and more–as she confronts those at the malevolent, impregnable center of power.

Review: This is the final volume in the Jane Hawk series and I was very curious to see how the author would end this adventure.

Jane is being hunted more than ever and her pursuers are getting closer. Also, she is surprised when one of her former colleagues, Vikram, an incredible hacker, tracks her down and offers to join her in getting to the truth. If you’re familiar with the novels, you can imagine that Jane is not thrilled… However, Vikram will prove to be invaluable.

In parallel, we also follow Travis, Jane’s son that everyone would like to catch to force her out of hiding.

I had a great time with this volume and as the end came, I wondered how the author was going to finish such a long plot and, the conclusion really comes in the very last pages and I was very happy to see how the whole thing was resolved.

These novels are all great and I recommend the series if you want an original crime/thriller series.

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