Natural Born Killers by Lucy Smoke

Sick Boys, Book 1

Synopsis: Rule No. 3: Never let anyone think they can hurt you and get away with it.

I thought I’d seen and felt the worst of it, but there’s nothing worse than betrayal.

Corina knows who’s behind what happened to me and she may think hiding will keep her safe, but after everything that’s happened, nothing can keep her safe from me and the Sick Boys. She’s a pawn in all of this, but I’ll get that information even if it means I have to cut it out of her – piece by fucking piece.

This little charade is about to end. They thought they could drag me down into the dirt and grind my soul into the dust. What they failed to realize is that there’s nothing left of my soul and I don’t mind getting a little dirty if it means getting my revenge. I may have let her fool me once, but there’s no way in hell I’ll let her fool me twice.

After I’m done with her, I’m going after the big boys.

Review: I really liked the first two books and I was very intrigued by the last book about Avalon and Dean. Yes, because the author has written two more books on each of the other two Sick Boys and I am now very curious to read them!

Avalon wants revenge. This desire is stronger than anything and nothing will stop her. Her goal is to find Corina and Ace and make them pay. She also wants to discover the truth about her past that nobody seems to want to reveal to her. Dean’s father knows everything about her and yet, he refuses to tell her anything. Alone, they’ll have to find out what’s going on, as danger closes in and Avalon’s life hangs in the balance.

With the help of the Sick Boys, Avalon may get her way, and hopefully she’ll get away unscathed!

This was a very good volume, a nice conclusion for both of our characters. I enjoyed finding out the truth, finally getting to the bottom of the story, even if I thought it was a bit big and brought up more questions. That aside, I can only recommend you to get into the series.

The last chapter deals with Rylie’s story and I am very curious to know her a little better. She is so mysterious…

9 thoughts on “Natural Born Killers by Lucy Smoke

  1. I know they say never judge a book by its cover BUT … Oh my goodness! I really don’t like this cover as it took a closer look to see what I first thought were two ghostly figures in cowl hoods were in fact the forearms and fists of a man.
    Not a series I can see myself getting into. I’m glad you enjoyed it though and can see that lots of others will appreciate it too.

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