Agent of the Fae by C.N. Crawford & Alex Rivers

Dark Fae FBI, Book 4

Synopsis: The final book in the Dark Fae FBI series.

The Fae war is coming, and I’m caught right in the middle.

My father, the ruthless Unseelie king, is dead. It should have been our moment of triumph. Instead, we find ourselves hiding in London from our ancient enemies, the Seelie.

From Roan’s city mansion, we need to unite the six Unseelie courts to fight back. Unfortunately, centuries-old feuds make this almost impossible. To make things worse, there’s no good reason for anyone to listen to us. After all, I’m just a pixie bastard. Did I mention that my dread powers are gone?

If that weren’t enough, I need to decide if I want to live forever in the world of the humans, or the world of the fae with Roan. Sure—he’s gorgeous and loyal, but do I want to spend forever in this chaos? As the Seelie encroach on our territory, it’s time to see if Roan and I—terror and love–can really change the world together.

Review: This is finally the conclusion of the series and I was wondering how our heroine would cope with this war.

Cassandra has to deal with the consequences of the last few novels: the loss of her powers at the most crucial moment, the return of enemies who will stop at nothing, the war, and of course Roan.

Nothing will be easy, but our heroine is ready to do anything to achieve her goals!

I was quite surprised when I read this novel because I saw the story coming to its conclusion, but the end didn’t seem to come. I was afraid that the end would be quick, but finally I was very surprised, because it is not at all the case and it is well found.

I’m glad I discovered this series. This last volume concludes it perfectly and I’m happy to have discovered all these characters.

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