The Trader’s Gift by Anna Jacobs

The Traders, Book 4

Synopsis: Happy and content with a beautiful wife and thriving family, successful trader Bram is determined to help his two friends Mitchell and Dougal find wives.

In England, Eleanor Prescott has not forgotten the ship’s captain who was a true friend to her. Dougal McBride told her to come to him when she was ready. When her ailing husband dies, she wonders if she dare return to Western Australia. Will Dougal still want her after nearly a year?

Mitchell Nash, Bram Deagan’s friend in Australia, has asked his cousin in England whether he knows of any lady who might be suitable for him to marry. Though what sort of woman would make such an arduous voyage to marry someone she’s never met? For one widow, however, desperate to keep her young son from a cruel relative’s clutches, Mitchell’s invitation is a lifeline she will grasp with both hands.

Clutching their courage in both hands, Eleanor and Jacinta take a huge risk on the chance of happiness and set off for Australia. But the troubles of their old lives can’t be easily left behind . . .

Review: If you’ve never read one Anna Jacobs’ novels, I can’t recommend them highly enough. All the series intertwine to varying degrees, and I’m always delighted to get into her stories.

Bram is determined to find wives and husbands for his loved ones. But he doesn’t expect his friends to finally succeed on their own. And so we follow the story of Eleanor and Jacinta, who have not had an easy life with their husbands and who finally find themselves free after their death. Unfortunately, Jacinta is in for a rude awakening when she discovers that someone is after her. Eleanor, on the other hand, is determined to find Dougal, hoping that his feelings haven’t changed after all this time.

I really enjoyed this novel, it’s a great story and I was curious to see how our dear Jacinta and her son would fare, because trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes, even when she changes continents.

This story is a change of scenery and introduces us to new characters. A great read!

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