A Match Made in Hell by Terri Garey

Nicki Styx, Book 2

Synopsis: A brush with death and a brief trip to the hereafter left vintage clothing store owner Nicki Styx an unwilling ghoulfriend to the dead. She can see and hear spirits, and boy, do they want to be heard! Luckily, her new boyfriend, sexy doc Joe Bascombe, is there to help, especially when Nicki faces her latest ghost, a woman in pink sequins who holds the key to some family secrets.

Unfortunately for Nicki, it turns out that there are more skeletons in the family closet than she thought, including a twin sister and a mysterious house full of spirits and surprises. Things go from bad to worse when the devil himself shows up, determined to lure Nicki from Joe’s side. Will she give in to temptation and sell her soul (or someone else’s) for one incredible night?

Demons may be a ghoul’s best friend, but with this particular hottie, it could be amatch made in hell!

Review: I had a good time with the first volume and I had the second for years. I was in the mood for something light, even though I didn’t remember much from the first book, but I didn’t have too much trouble with it.

Nicki is finally happy until the ghost of a woman shows up and asks her to go help her daughter after a car accident. But then she discovers that the young woman she saved is none other than her twin sister. Kelly is so different from Nicki and they won’t really get along. On top of that, a creature in the shadows is determined to do everything in its power to bring down the sisters and Nicki will have to do everything to save her sister.

I read the novel quite fast and I had a good time. I was quite curious to see how our two sisters would fare. Don’t be too demanding, but I will gladly read the sequel.

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