Agent of Enchantment by C.N. Crawford & Alex Rivers

Dark Fae FBI, Book 1

Synopsis: The fae live among us. And one of them is a serial killer.

I thought this would be a simple profiling case. Just another Jack-the-Ripper wannabe, prowling London’s streets, searching for easy kills. I was wrong. This killer is fae, and he’s as elusive as smoke on the wind. But I’m an FBI profiler, and it’s my job to track him down.

It doesn’t matter that one of the main suspects–a lethally alluring fae–is trying to seduce me… or kill me, I’m not sure which. I won’t be stopped, not even when panic roils through the streets of London, or when the police start to suspect me.

As I close in on the killer, I follow him to a magical shadow realm that’s like nothing I ever expected, where I’m hunted like prey. Fine. Bring it on. I’m an FBI Agent. And it turns out I have magical powers of my own.

Review: I like novels about faes very much and when I saw the French translation of this novel I had on my wishlist, I thought this was my chance to get started.

Cassandra Liddell is a profiler with the FBI. She doesn’t think she’s any more special than anyone else. But when she’s called to London’s serial crime scenes, she doesn’t expect her vision of things to change that much. The murderer is not human and our heroine will do everything she can to find him, even if it means moving on to another reality. And then there’s Roan, that fae who is as attractive as he is enigmatic, but who also seems to hide a lot of secrets.

I had a good time with the book even though I expected more from it, given the ratings. It was very interesting to follow Cassandra in this universe, to follow her to all these places in London, to see her open up to what she is and what the world holds.

I was curious to learn more about the characters. And when the end came, I have to admit I didn’t come up with the culprit at all. As a result, I now want to read the second volume and see what the authors propose.