Blood Kin by M.J. Scott

The Half-Light City, Book 2

Synopsis: Imagine a city divided. A city where human and Fae magic rests uneasily next to the vampire Blood and the shapeshifting Beasts. A city where a fragile peace is brokered by a treaty that set the laws for all four races… a treaty that is faltering day by day.

I didn’t plan on becoming a thief and a spy. But options are limited for the half-breed daughter of a Fae lord. My father abandoned me but at least I inherited some of his magic, and my skills with charms and glamours mean that few are as good at uncovering secrets others wish to hide. Right now the city has many secrets. And those who seek them pay so well…

I never expected to stumble across a Templar Knight in my part of the city. Guy DuCaine is sworn to duty and honor and loyalty — all the things I’m not. I may have aroused more than his suspicion but he belongs to the Order and the human world. So when treachery and violence spill threaten both our kind, learning to trust each other might be the only thing that saves us.

But even if a spy and a holy knight can work together, finding the key to peace is never going to be easy…

review: I was pretty curious to start this book, but I confess that I was anxious to follow another character all along the book. I really enjoyed Lily and I was a little sad to not have her point of view this time. But finally, what a surprise, following Guy and Holly was a real pleasure as well. These two new protagonists are finally really different from the couple we saw in the first volume. Plus, as the other one, this book follows each time the point of view of our two characters and it allows us to really understand them from the start and to know what they want.
The book begins where we were left in the last novel, so it was interesting to see the consequences of the events. But the Lucius disappearance has turned upside down all the community and everyone wants, now, to be the leader. The tensions become quite complicated to deal with for the Knights and it’s now difficult to avoid troubles. Guy decides to take matters into his own hands and to discover what is really going on. He will team up with a half-fae young woman, Holly, who from the start plays a double game in this adventure. She was ensorcelled by her father who wants to discover the secret of Simon, the brother of our knight. However, her initial goal will be quickly challenged when she starts to feel something for our hero.
Well I’m sure you know that our two protagonists will end up together. But it was really interesting to discover more things about Faes we didn’t know about. It’s true we don’t learn a lot either, but it made me even more curious about this whole universe. We assist all along the book to the inner turmoil of Holly, our young spy, about her feelings and her duty. But when it’s about her family, she doesn’t have any choices. It was touching to see them together, because Guy is quite a character! We will find one more time a story mixing conspiracies, threats and love. A nice mix to keep us curious all along the book.
I was a little surprised at first with book 1 as the romance was very important in the story and I expected to have a real UF book. This time, it was easier to get into the M.J. Scott novel, as I knew what I could expect.
The writing style is really fluid and It’s always intriguing to discover what our characters will do or to know how they would react when they would know the truth. Because, of course, the truth is always exposed one day.
I wonder who will be featured in the third book. I really enjoyed this little introduction of the Guy’s sister and I hope we will learn more about her in the next novel. Indeed, Saskia has a very interesting nature. To conclude, it was a pleasure to read this new novel and I’m glad I persevered in the series.

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  1. I didn’t realise that the main characters changed with this book – the cover looks like the same girl as in the first book! I need to get my hands on this series! SOunds like it’s my sort of series!

  2. I’m always the same way, Mel! When I grow attached to a character and hearing things from their point of view, it kind of scares me to switch to another character for fear of not liking it as much — but I’m glad that you enjoyed this one! 🙂 I actually really like multiple POVs, and I love how this book has all sorts of things like spies and thieves and conspiracies. It sounds like it’s quite the fun book! 🙂

    Awesome review, Mel! <3

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