Pitch Perfect by Sierra Dean

Boys of Summer, Book 1

Synopsis: She’d be the perfect catch if he could take his eye off the ball.

Emmy Kasper knows exactly how lucky she is. In a sport with few opportunities for women at the pro level, she’s just landed her dream job as head athletic trainer for the San Francisco Felons baseball team. Screwing up is not an option.

She’s lost in thought as she pedals to the spring training facility, her mind abuzz with excitement as she rounds a corner—and plows head-on into two runners. The end of her career dances before her eyes when she realizes she’s almost run over the star pitcher.

As Tucker Lloyd watches the flustered Emmy escape with his bandana tied around her skinned knee, the view is a pleasant change from worrying about his flagging fastball. At thirty-six, the tail end of his career is glimmering on the horizon. If he can’t pull something extraordinary out of his ball cap, the new crop of rookies could make this season his last.

The last thing either of them needs is a distraction.

The last thing either of them expects is love.

Warning: Contains a down-on-his-luck pitcher, a good-girl athletic therapist, chemistry that’s out of the park and sexy times that’ll make them round all the bases.

Review: I never had the opportunity to read a novel about baseball, but as the author was none other than Sierra Dean, I had to try it! Having never been disappointed by her books, I was convinced it would be the same with this one too! And I am not mistaken, it was again a very good novel.

Baseball is not very developed in France and yet it is true that it is a very interesting sport. We can follow here Emmy, this young woman, daughter of a great player, who has been hired as a coach. This is not an easy job as few women get to have a job like this, and she hopes to prove to them that she is the best. However, she does not expect to fall for the star of the team, Lloyd Tucker. But succumbing would not be a good thing, whether for work or even for her actually boyfriend.

I really enjoyed getting to know this heroine. She is strong and tries to show everyone that her work is just as well as one of a man. And yet be surrounded by all the finest men is not easy, especially when one of them is Lloyd Tucker. This man has something that attracts her and I must say that the feeling is mutual. I enjoyed seeing them evolve around one another. Tucker tries to make her succumb and Emmy tries to keep her distance up, something that is however very difficult. This is a pretty romance, and we can appreciate the evolution of everyone’s feelings throughout the story. A cute couple in a very interesting environment to explore. I’m really curious to see what Sierra Dean reserves us for further novels and if we still have the opportunity to meet these two characters. But I hope in any case that we’ll discover more about Alex, the best friend of our star, present throughout the novel.

A very cute romance and we can read quickly!



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