The Naked Baron & The Naked Viscount by Sally MacKenzie

Naked Nobility, Book 2

Synopsis: Tell Me What You Want

New to London society and rather…awkward…Lady Grace Belmont would just as soon hide behind the palm trees as dance with a man she doesn’t know. But Baron Dawson is on the hunt for a wife. Grace’s generous curves and remarkable height do not intimidate him. In fact, it would be more accurate to describe his reaction to the charming newcomer as lust.

Before Grace can so much as gather her thoughts, she finds herself in his arms, committing one shocking impropriety after another. The Baron’s devilish attractiveness—to say nothing of his splendid muscles—is simply impossible to resist. Her beloved aunt and chaperone advises patience, but Grace is not about to listen. The handsome baron is whispering such delightful things in her ear…

Review: What a joy to read these two other books in the Sally MacKenzie series. It is always very pleasant and is perfect for a light and fun read when I need it. This novel takes place at the same time as the Naked Duke and it was very funny to see the main characters become secondary here. Some places intersect, as well as certain events, allowing us to put us in mind other stories at the same time.

We discover Kate and her niece Grace in London during a bal. Grace is promised to a man she does not love but that does not really bother her… or at least until she meets Baron Dawson. As soon as he sees her, the Baron knows that this woman would be perfect to become his wife and he is determined to make her accept a marriage proposal. Yet it all seems much more difficult with this stubborn young woman. This can’t be because they are attracted because other family complications come into play, too. In parallel to this story, we also follow Kate and the Uncle of the Baron: Alex. These two people have a common past, and when he tried years ago to marry her, her brother refused her hand. But now that they are older, the possibilities are different or that is in any case what Alex thinks. But of course, this is not counting on the determination of the lady.

I loved this story and to follow the two couples staged. The romance between Alex and Kate is obvious, while they waited their whole life for that, some ramparts always arise between them. Yet Alex is determined to make Kate his wife and hope not to have to wait more. He is direct and honest but also susceptive. Kate meanwhile is trying to impose her choices but it is not really her nature so it was quite funny to see their arguments. Despite her age, she is very innocent and very unsure, which puts her in quite funny situations. They perfectly complement one another. Regarding Grace and Baron I must say that they are both very similar. They are determined and are always behaving like they want in society. Yet I loved seeing that Grace despite her attractiveness for the man, always kept in mind that it was not him she was going to marry with. I was curious anyway to see how Kate and Grace would end and it is true that I am happy with the outcome and how everything went. It was again a good story even if I always read everything in disorder.


Naked Nobility, Book 5

Synopsis: The Naked Truth…After eight Seasons in London, Lady Jane Parker-Roth is ready to quit the dull search for a husband in favor of more exciting pursuits. So when she encounters an intruder in her host’s townhouse, she’s not about to let the scoundrel escape. Until she discovers she’s wrestling a viscount-Edmund Smyth, the one noble she wouldn’t mind meeting in the dark. And when their struggle shatters a randy statue of the god Pan, even more mischief ensues…

Edmund was indeed searching for evidence of a scandal, but the shocking clues inside the nude statue are far from what he expected. The same can be said of Jane, who shows a talent for interfering in his affairs. And as his quest becomes more than a little improper, he finds the impetuous Lady has a talent for that as well…

Review: After reading the Naked Baron, here I am with the Naked Viscount. I admit that I was immediately intrigued when I saw that it staged Edmund that we discover as a secondary character in the previous book and Lady Jane Parker-Roth, John’s sister, People we’ve heard so much about. In addition, we also meet once again Winifred the Viscount’s aunt with her monkey and parrot that always cause zany situations for our greatest pleasure.

Lady Jane Parker-Roth is now 24 years old and still not married, yet she isn’t really cares about any men, except Edmund, alas, he does not even seem to notice her. However, when one night she finds him in her home, seeking for a drawing, she falls under both his charm and decides to participate in his mission. It would appear that pieces of drawings are hidden in the penis of some unusual statues. And while these drawings can put them in grave danger, Jane is determined to help Edmund to discover the end of the story whatever he agrees or not. And I must say he rarely agrees. And while the plot thickens, our heroes will face many dangers to find the truth. But besides that, now the aunts of the Viscount decide to come visit him to force him to find a wife. And I must say it would be churlish to antagonize these terrifying ladies with their many animals.

It was nice to have a heroine as Lady Jane Parker-Roth. She is very different from the ones we use to see, and although she is still single, she knows more things that any other girl. It was pretty funny to see that she did not hesitate to follow her desires and always does as she wants to. I loved seeing the situations in which she was able to get without realizing it, some also very shocking for this period. And surprisingly enough, she isn’t really looking to marry anyone, but she likes Edmund a lot and would love to know him a little more. Regarding the latter, I think I can say that he is sometimes frustrating as he wants to prevent Jane to do anything. But it’s still very funny to see how she handles him to achieve her purposes. They are really cute together and their relationship evolves gradually during the novel. I was pretty excited to see their progress about the investigation to discover the culprit. And I must say that I was totally surprised when I discovered his identity because of course I asked myself the question several times without reaching about any suspects.

It was a very good new novel, full of humor as always and I was happy to discover these two titles which are very pleasant to read.



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  1. I used to read books like these when I was in Uni. Do Judith McNaught and Julia Quinn ring any bell? But I stopped reading them after I got addicted with YA and mystery thriller. I intend to go back to my roots this year though.

    I am happy that you enjoyed both the McKenzie books. Did you read them back to back? If so, you really had a good time. I think one of the greatest assets of books like these are their medievalish humor which is undeniably witty.

    Lovely review, Mel!

    • I’m still new at historical romances I confess so I haven’t read them but I heard about her. I had a French book for this one and they had the two stories in one book, so I took it. Thanks Charlotte!

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