Unwept by Tracy Hickman & Laura Hickman

The Nightbirds, Book 1

Synopsis: Gamin, Maine, is a remote seaside town where everyone seems to know Ellis Harkington better than she knows herself—but she doesn’t remember any of them.

Unknown events have robbed Ellis of her memory. Concerned individuals, who purport to be her friends and loved ones, insist that she simply needs to recuperate, that her memories may return in time, but refuse to divulge what has brought her to this state. For her own sake, so they say.

Ellis finds herself adrift in a town of ominous mysteries, cryptic hints, and disturbingly familiar strangers. The Nightbirds, a clique of fashionable young men and women, claim her as one of their own, but who among them can she truly trust? And what of the phantom suitor who visits her in her dreams? Is he a memory, a figment of her imagination, or a living nightmare beyond rational explanation?

Only her lost past hold the answers she seeks—if she can uncover its secrets before she fall prey to an unearthly killer.

Review: When I saw for the first time the cover and when I read the synopsis, I knew that I had to try the novel. It is true that in the end I am very surprised because the story is not at all what I expected. Not that it was not good, not at all, it was very interesting but also very special. You will understand exactly why later.

We discover Ellis who wakes up in a place she does not know about, but I must say that she doesn’t remember a thing about herself. Taken in a train to people who seem to know her, she hopes to understand what is happening. But everything seems new and no memory comes back to the surface whatever she might do. She finds herself thrown into a very strange world, where everyone seems to know her and wants something from her, while she is totally lost. As she tries to find the true through all these persons, it seems that a man, a dream or a nightmare appears to her, trying to take her away from this place. But who can she really trust?

We follow Ellis in her discovery of the city, as well as the characters throughout the story and it is true that it is very very difficult to understand what is happening. This is a young woman who is determined to find answers to her questions and not be influenced by the decisions of those who evolve around her. It must be said that none of the characters explains what they really want; living by certains rules we don’t know anything about. Oh yes, you will see that this story is really strange, and even more than that! We understand gradually that something is really not normal in this city, but it was not until the end of the novel that we realize what it is actually happening. And one thing is certain, we can not expect one second for the truth that we discover. Everything is really well found and very original.

Many very different characters appear alternately in the story and it is true that we are trying to penetrate their secrets. The two most mysterious are the mayor and the person who appears to the young woman. We do not understand their interest and emphasis, but all that will come in due time.

To conclude this novel was a pleasant surprise, even if it is very different from what I expected. We have here a first part of the history and even if the authors present us a kind of end, we don’t really have one and I’m very curious to see what they’ll have for us next.



26 thoughts on “Unwept by Tracy Hickman & Laura Hickman

  1. I’ve been wanting to read this since I saw it a couple weeks ago- love the whole memory loss thing and can she trust anyone. Will have to pick this one up. Nice review!

  2. Very different than I expected too. I loved the first part, but I admit the second half sort of fell apart for me and I couldn’t give it a higher rating than I wanted. Such a shame! But I’m glad you enjoyed this!

  3. I hated that it didn’t really have a proper ending, but still. It was fun to finally understand what was going because it was one messed up place, haha. It’s definitely different than what I expected too, and I’m still not sure if that’s in a good way or not. Kind of. Still, can’t wait to see what happens next, especially because of the ending.

  4. I’ve been wanting to read this since I saw it a while back. That cover and summary just got to me. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I’m still so curious as to the reviews mentioning how unique and the surprise in it. Great review Melliane 🙂

  5. The cover really catches your attention and the summary seems promising. I’m happy it was such a pleasant surprise for you, and I think you just made me think about another book to add to my TBR pile, Melliane! 😉

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