Fae by Emily White

Auri, Book 2

Synopsis: Not all fae’ri tales come with a happy ending.

Ella thought taking care of the ego-bloated Mamood god would be a sure way to bring peace to the galaxy and satisfy her taste for revenge.

But she was wrong.

Despite the fact their god is gone, the Mamood refuse to abandon their attack on the planet Soltak and Ella’s own so-called friends start to turn against her. And with Soltak dying–its oceans drying up and its plants withering in the ground–Ella and Cailen suspect there’s a new enemy at work. As more people die and more water is leached from the planet, they both prepare for something straight from a nightmare.

The fae are coming.

Review: After a good time with the first volume, I was curious to read this one and find out how Ella was able to manage her own destiny.

So we find our heroine with Cailen in a secure place where war is brewing slowly. Yet even there their lives are far from simple because everyone seems to hate Ella as they think they’re responsible for everything that is happening. In addition, the planet where they live becomes increasingly arid, people die but Ella don’t manage to do a thing against all this evil. Plus, she doubts about everything and everyone and the voice speaking constantly in her head does not help about that. Our heroine has to quickly make some important choices to determine what her next action will be.

The most positive thing about this play is the writing of the author as it’s very smoothly and allows us to finish the novel very quickly. She takes us into her story and we are interested from beginning to the end to find out what the next events will be. But while I really appreciate the first volume, I found this one a little confusing… It’s a shame because there are a lot of ideas anyway. However, not much really happens and I admit that Ella annoyed me a lot during the story. While she knows nothing of her past despite some bits she begins to recall, she deducts truths without seeking what really happened. While she is angry with Cailen, she acts in haste without thinking about the consequences and realizing later that it was not perhaps the best. It was very frustrating to see her against the people who have helped her so far and becoming a person that we do not appreciate in the final. I do not even know how the characters can forgive her for such actions. She really is a spoiled young girl who only goes to those who put her at the center of their world.

We do not really see Meir here, but the story focuses mainly on Cailen and Ella. Both must manage many things but Ella does only care about her little person and when no one comes to her aid, she always thinks that people have abandoned her even after what they did to her. So yes, Ella is unbearable and I really hope she will change in the future. In any case I am very curious to read on to discover what the author has in mind, but I hope with all my heart that the girl will evolve and become more mature. I also hope that the story will be a little more structured like in the first volume.

This novel was interesting but I expected maybe a little more. In any case I can not wait to read the next book.



28 thoughts on “Fae by Emily White

  1. I’m glad the first instalment piqued your curiosity so much that you decided to read the second book, Melliane. And, although you were expecting a bit more, it’s good to hear that you want to continue the series.

  2. Confusion and annoying characters–you’re better than I am. I would have dropped the book halfway through! I rarely make it past book two in a series because often I end up disappointed somewhere along the way, even if I liked Book 1. It’s hard for authors to maintain that momentum, I’ve found.

  3. While the writing certainly sounds smooth and lovely, I don’t think I can handle another unlikeable heroine and Ella seems to make a lot of bad decisions. She would probably annoy me too, and I’m currently just not in the mood. But perhaps some day.

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