Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

Synopsis: In addition to the P-38, there are four gifts, one for each of my friends. I want to say good-bye to them properly. I want to give them each something to remember me by. To let them know I really cared about them and I’m sorry I couldn’t be more than I was – that I couldn’t stick around – and that what’s going to happen today isn’t their fault.
Today is Leonard Peacock’s birthday. It is also the day he will kill his former best friend, and then himself, with his grandfather’s P-38 pistol. Maybe one day he’ll believe that being different is okay, important even. But not today.

Review: I keep reading books where the main character is a boy, teenage boy, different, extremely smart but (especially) completely lost. It’s going to be necessary to create a specific name for this kind of books because it is becoming my favorite genre.

Well, I’ll surely slow down a little bit because the more I read, the best the books are and I think that with Forgive Me Leonard Peacock, it was just awesome.

What you have to know when you start this book, is that Leonard plans to do two things during his day : To kill Asher Beal then to kill himself, all that with his grandfather’s old pistol. The only thing he wants to do before that , is telling good-bye to his friends.

The book takes place during a short lapse of time during which Leonard tells us the most striking episodes of his life, always in a captivating and interesting way.

What I liked :

  • Everything. About. This. Damn. Wonderful. Book. First, the subject itself : it only can provoke a reaction whether it is a good or a bad one. For me, the attraction was immediate and I’m happy for having tried this jewel.
  • Leonard’s personnality. I really like those really smart (too smart?) characters who have a perfect repartee, a shitty nature and who are totally blasé. Just my type of men when you think about it (haha) ! I know it’s weird but, what I also liked, was how much the main character’s thoughts were relevant about the futility of our lives. Finally, we almost want to laugh with him about how some situations are ridiculous even if this idea is really depressing…
  • Neverthless, in this book we never are plunged in some negativism of the guy who just hates life. Leonard Peacock it’s you and me, it could be anyone. Leonard Peacock is just a young man for whom living became too complicated and who can’t wait to end it, almost like some would be impatient to open their presents on Christmas morning.
  • This teacher guy… Herr Silverman <3 We always have a minor character so interesting that we would like that another book was written just for him. I can’t wait for you to discover who is Her Silverman (yes because I will force you to buy this book, naturally),


Thing I didn’t like :

– Nothing

Anyway, I’m sick of it, it’s ALWAYS the same thing ! There are some books we like so much that we are incapable of talking correctly about it. I have a mental block like if, suddenly, a really really hot guy took off his shirt in front of me and asked me to recite the 8 table at the same time ! Haha


Hum… 4?

Read it if : You trust me !:D

Don’t read it if : You’re in a bad mood and if you’re like an emotional sponge. I don’t think little Leonard would help you getting better!^^

Good News : There will be a movie this year, I repeat it, there will be a movie in 2015 with Channing Tatum as the producer ! To avoid any riot between me and myself, this review will close its doors before any debridement, thank you for your understanding.

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  1. It really is hard to talk about the books we love, I consider it a win when you’re not totally flailing through all of it, haha. I did start this one a while ago (back when it came out) but wasn’t really in the mood for it, I guess, so haven’t finished it. NEED to.

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