Only Mr. Darcy Will Do by Kara Louise

Synopsis: Her worst fears come true…

After her father’s death, Elizabeth Bennet goes to work as a governess. Little does she know the Willstones are social acquaintances of the Bingleys and the Darcys, and Elizabeth finds herself once again drawn into Mr. Darcy’s orbit. To make matters worse, Mrs. Willstone’s sister sets her sights on Mr. Darcy. With Elizabeth’s social status even lower than it was before, she knows she must abandon all hope of Darcy renewing his proposals, even as she begins to see him in a completely different light…

Review: Riddle of the day: who is the ideal man? Okay, it’s Dear Boyfriend (except when he is hiding the books that I have just received, just like right now). So let’s Specify a little bit. Who is the perfect man in the literature world?

Tadam… unbearable suspense … drum bearings …

Mr Darcy!
And as for the television adaptation, Colin Firth, of course … Le Chat du Cheshire, I see you coming from far, far away. No, it is not debatable, Colin Firth is the perfect embodiment of Mr Darcy. (We already talked to your sometimes questionable tastes … lol …) Moreover, a small illustration will not hurt anyone:

Or the Bridget Jones Version:

Although sometimes he has some challenging tastes.

But “ahhhh …” I’m ready to forgive him this fashion faux pas … (Very long sigh)

Back after this brief parenthesis. Mr Darcy is Mr Darcy. I had to read … uh, joker … I read and re-read (and reread, and reread, and reread …) Pride and Prejudice just for him (and a little for Elizabeth, of course). I’ll feel like a broken record, but never mind.

I really love the universe of the Jane Austen novels and P & P remains by far my favorite. Obviously, austeneries tempt me much, but in general, I remain cautious. It is very difficult to compete with the original and the disappointment is often the appointment. Some characters that I do not recognize, a dubious writing, a missing atmosphere … The best strategy is patience: the girlfriends bloggers give a good indication of the quality of particular austeneries.

Only Mr. Darcy Will Do is part of this wave of “What if” (oh, my god, Melliane, you saw a bit of English in my column!), We summarize it in “What would have happened if …? “. A retelling of P & P. Enticing. And a retelling rather well received by the Web.

No disappointment in this reading, no flat story either. Of course, the original remains unmatched, but Kara Louise had the merit to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the novel and to respect the nature of the characters. The retaining Mr Darcy, his stern shyness, the good feelings of Elizabeth despite her hasty judgments.

I let myself be carried away by this well done story. The initial situation is likely, some situations that will go crescendo without losing their elegance (I never thought that the mere fact that a woman takes the arm of a gentleman and he entwines his fingers in hers would have made me giggle like an idiot. I loved this passage, yet nothing really happens), we have some forbidden facts, but always respecting what our heroes are. And I, as a working girl, I shuddered, vibrated, and I even reread certain passages that had particularly liked me because I had the feeling to experience a bit, a lot P & P.

I had read some reviews about the sometimes risky translation of certain words. If I’m honest, Mr Darcy was so fascinated that I did not notice that. The ideal man I tell you …

Well, Le Chat, so you can forgive me:



14 thoughts on “Only Mr. Darcy Will Do by Kara Louise

  1. I have to admit (and please don’t throw tomatoes at me) that I never really liked Mr. Darcy. I just never understood the appeal. The whole Austen thing is beyond me. I find her books overly dramatic and annoying. I doubt I’d have more luck with a retelling.

  2. Only nonhumans do not love Darcy. Or men…
    I personally unsure which Darcy I like the best it is a tie between the two. I am quite a fan of the 30’s version (what was his name? *crickets* I can’t recall).

  3. LOL I’ve never gotten the Darcy thing but I have so many friends who adore him and I bet would have a blast with this one 😀

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