Putting Out Old Flames by Allyson Charles


Jane Willoughby has a temper. Sure, in her day job answering calls for 911, she can keep her head no matter what the emergency. But when her ex appears on her doorstep on her first sick day in years, expecting her to act happy he’s her co-chair for the annual fireman’s ball, she feels a little righteous wrath is justified.

Chance McGovern broke up with her with a greeting card, for crying out loud. He doesn’t get to just sprout some washboard abs and put on a uniform and behave like any other tasty firefighter.

Jane has no idea what’s happened to Chance in the last nine years—and no interest in finding out. Not even a teeny-tiny spark. No matter how hot he is. Or how well he remembers the little things that make her laugh, and cry, and spontaneously combust.

And she’s going to be working with him one-on-one. At least there’s a fireman on call . . .

Review: I’m trying to stay pretty wise about the number of books I request but it’s true that when I saw the synopsis for this one, I knew that I absolutely had to read it. Firefighters? A second chance in love? A story that seemed full of humor? No, I definitely could not resist!

Thus we find Jane, a young woman working for the 911 standard and who continues her life quietly. Yet everything will be turned upside down when her first boyfriend, Chance, comes back in town … and it looks like he works as a firefighter at the fire station. It is not enough that she must now also work with him to organize a charity gala. It is however not easy for the young woman who sees her past catch up and must manage all the feelings and the accumulated resentment.

It was nice to follow this story and to discover Chance and Jane. We understand perfectly the mistrust and anger that our heroine has while facing her ex. It is not easy to reconnect, to see that there are feelings despite the fact that their broke up was a really difficult one. But I must also say that Chance is not any man and it’s true that it’s hard not to fall under his spell. Indeed, he is determined to regain Jane and is ready of many things for her! However, this is not an easy challenge and even far from it!

I enjoyed following this story, to see both characters opening to each other slowly and did I mention Josh? The son of Chance is a big asset to the novel and he brings a huge plus to the story with his freshness, spontaneity and his discussions. It is lovely to see how our hero loves his son. Well, we also meet Katie, Chance’s sister or his future ex-wife … many colorful characters that make us have a good time. I’m curious to see if there will be more later.




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  1. I almost requested this on NG, but I clicked over to Goodreads and read a few reviews. Some are positive, but some were DNF and 3 stars. I decided not to even try. I just know this one isn’t for me, but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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