After the War by J. K. Cheney

The Golden City

Synopsis: After the Great War, Alejandro Ferreira wandered across Europe, unable even to remember his name, until one night in Lisboa, a young woman recognizes him. She brings him home to his family–one he can’t recall, but very much wants to keep.
His seer’s gift has been as much of a trial as a blessing. It didn’t keep him out of trouble during the Great War, either–someone cursed him to lose his memory. Someone else is after him, wanting him to keep a secret he doesn’t even remember he has. And he quickly learns that all is not well between himself and his lovely wife. Without his memories or his seer’s gift, can Alejandro rebuild his life and unveil his stalker before they eliminate him?

Review: Here’s the latest novella of The Golden City series and it’s true that it’s a pleasure to find the characters again. We start this time much later, years after the third book and we find our characters in the continuity of their life. Yet this time, we will not see Duilio or Oriana but Joaquim, Marina, and of course, the main characters: Alejandro and Serafina.

I will not say much about the story as it is already very short but Alejandro returns to town after he left for war without knowing who he really is, having lost his memory. Thus he meets a woman who claims to be his wife and explains who he really is. Yet nothing will be simple and it seems that someone is looking for him. Moreover, the more he learns about his former self and the more he realizes that he does not like the person he was and he will have to decide who he wants to be now.

It was nice to follow the characters and to dive as always into the world of J. K. Cheney as it is a real pleasure. I do not know if we will have the opportunity to find the author for this series again but it was certainly a nice discovery.




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