Blind Date Disasters by Jill Shalvis

Synopsis: As an interior designer and an identical twin, Cami Anderson wants her home to be unique, so she hires a master carpenter to help. She’s expecting an older man, someone kindly, experienced. In her wildest dreams, she hasn’t figured on Tanner McCall, who’s not old, not kind, but most definitely experienced…and seems more than a little interested in her blind date disasters!

Review: I was curious to start a new story written by Jill Shalvis. The synopsis seemed to offer something light and humorous and it is true that it is precisely what we have here!

Cami is a real disaster in her romantic relationships. Too nice, she often accepts to participate to blind dates although they never go well. But here, besides that, she has to manage the sexy craftsman who comes every day to help her retype her house. He will also help her to take responsibility!

I really had a great time in the first part of the story, but I must say that I am a little disappointed with the rest. I found that the exchanges between Tanner and Cami were very funny but everything takes a boost in the second part of the story and the storyline has lost all credibility for me. It gives the impression in a few days that love feelings are there, as is the marriage proposal. It’s often something that bothers me …

However, if you want something light and short, this novel is perfect!



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