Why Not Me? by Ashley Erin

Synopsis: “He didn’t choose me, and now he wants his second chance.”

Allie Vincent has a good life. All of her boxes are checked off.
Sweet boyfriend? Check.
Awesome job? Check.
Great friends? Check.
Life is going according to plan. That is until the man who broke her heart seven years ago comes crashing back into her life.

Suddenly those checked boxes no longer seem important.
Her once neat life is now in turmoil as she’s caught between a past love and a current one.
A choice between two men.
One is her best friend and partner for the past six years.
The other makes her heart race, but he left her shattered.
One is safe, secure.

The other is a risk she doesn’t know if she’s willing to take . . . again.

Review: I was intrigued by this synopsis and not knowing the author, I told myself that I had here a good opportunity to discover her writings.

The synopsis perfectly describes the story and we discover here Allie, a young woman whose heart was broken 7 years ago. She was the other woman, and the boy she loved did not finally choose her. Now in a relationship with her best friend for 6 years, life goes on. But here she meets with Landon again, Landon who always seems to love her despite what happened. Allies doubts, she does not know what to do and her life is upset down.

It is true that we know perfectly what will be the themes of the story. But I did not expect the story to be shot this way. As soon as Allie finds Landon, she gets him into her life even if she knows that he wants more. And after what she had gone through, I found it hard to see what she was doing to Brendan. I was uncomfortable and aching when I saw that he was in pain, but he did not want her to choose between them. Even if the situation evolves, it’s true that it was complicated for me, because I did not understand how Allie after suffering from something identical, she replicated the scheme. She does not cheat on Brendan, but parading with Landon in front of him showing that she still has feelings, I find it even worse.

Apart from that and especially because it’s very personal, I had a good time with the story that I found interesting. I was surprised by the turn towards the end I must admit, but it was in any case a good discovery and I will be curious enough to discover another novel.

13 thoughts on “Why Not Me? by Ashley Erin

  1. I’d probably get angry with her for putting her bestfriend through what she went through. I can see where it would be full of the feels, though, starting with her not being the one picked.
    Great review, Melliane!

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