Thirty Dates Later by Caterina Passarelli

Synopsis: Thirty first dates in thirty days.

Who talked me into writing this magazine column and going on these ridiculous dates?

Oh yeah, my mother.

After ending a ten year relationship, I never thought I’d find myself here … single.

The dating game is entirely different than it was a decade ago. And I hate it. Apps, swiping left, ghosting, and the potential that one of these guys is an axe murderer, or worse, a catfish.

And the one man who actually caught my eye? He’s completely off limits. I only have one rule and I won’t bend it for anyone, not even him.

Review: After discovering a first novel by the author, I was curious to discover a novel a little longer. And how to resist an online dating story?

Claire is coming out of a ten-year relationship and it’s hard for her to be single again. So to try to meet someone good, she decides to try speed dating and dating on the internet. She did not just expect it to turn out like that! In addition to this, our heroine, who owns a very fashionable magazine, must also manage the problems of her work, which takes a great deal of her time, but which she loves and this possible partnership with a business magnate.

I really had a good time with the story but I must admit that it was a bit long at first. Fortunately the story goes very quickly thereafter and I really enjoyed following our heroine. Claire’s meetings made me laugh a few times and I was sad to see when people were making fun of them. And Alex? How to resist Alex even if it’s very difficult to know exactly what he wants and who he really is.

It was a cute and funny romance. A good discovery!

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