Copycat by Alex Lake

Synopsis: Your stalker is everywhere.
Your stalker knows everything.
But the real problem is that your stalker is you.

Sarah Havenant discovers–when an old friend points it out–that there are two Facebook profiles in her name.

One, she recognizes: it is hers. The other, she has never seen. But everything in it is accurate. Recent photos of her and her friends, her and her husband, her and her kids. Even of her new kitchen. A photo taken inside her house.

She is bemused, angry, and worried. Who was able to do this? Any why?

But this, it soon turns out, is just the beginning. It is only now–almost as though someone has been watching, waiting for her to find the profile–that her problems really start…

Review: I know Alex Lake by name and it’s true that I was really curious to discover this novel.

Sarah has a fulfilling family life, so when she discovers that someone has made a fake profile of her on facebook, with recent and personal photos of her home, she doesn’t understand what’s going on. But this is only the beginning, because if it is still something that doesn’t touch her in real life, she will soon realize that things can accelerate quickly. But as she does everything to try to discover the identity of this person, the people around her will start to believe that she is the source of this whole story, that she is crazy….

I was impressed by this story, because on one side, it is really scary and shows how easy it is to manipulate people. Yes, because we perfectly realize that it is very possible and easy to do to anyone what Sarah has been through… That the Internet and its hazards are terrible!

I was carried away by the story, and I was really looking forward to discovering the identity of the person responsible for all these misdeeds! It was an exciting thriller and I’m curious to read another book by the author now!

23 thoughts on “Copycat by Alex Lake

  1. That a real world type creepy stalker story. I actually had my profile clones 2 years ago on Twitter and they took pictures from fb and put them on Twitter. In order to prove that I was who I said I was I had to send Twitter a copy of my drivers license before they would delete the other account.

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