Rock Hard Cowboy by Christina Hovland

Mile High Matched Prequel Novella

Synopsis: A supercouple for Christmas.

Rock ‘n’ roll cowboy Tucker McKay’s muse has left the building. Returning to his roots at his Colorado ranch might be the inspiration he needs, and he’s done everything he can to ensure his reputation shines for his eventual return to the public eye, should his muse show up again. Ready to leave town, he’s not prepared for the paparazzi frenzy after a starlet falls face down on his lap at L.A.’s trendiest new night club.
America’s Sweetheart, Mackenzie Bennett’s career is on the rocks after a few lackluster movies damaged her studio appeal. She needs something to change, and fast. What she does not need is the firestorm that ensues after an ill-fated spill is caught on camera. Spending Christmas in Colorado with the man she publicly embarrassed is her only option to turn around the bad press.
While a fake relationship might drum up the publicity needed to save both of their careers, a small-town family Christmas may be just what they both need to figure out what truly matters…

Review: I had a good time with the previous volumes and I was curious to discover this story!

We discover two brand new characters here with Mackenzie and Tucker even if Brek appears at some point in the story. Kenzie is a movie star and Tucker is a successful rock singer. But after an unfortunate incident, our two heroes find themselves in a compromising situation and to improve their image with the public, they must show that they are dating.

The story is not very original, but I had a good time, Tucker and Kenzie are two very easy characters to appreciate. I also enjoyed discovering Tucker’s family, especially his mother. The novel is short, so it can be read quickly and allows you to have a little light time.

A quick and pleasant reading.

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