How to Wake an Undead City by Hailey Edwards

The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy, Book 6

Synopsis: Savannah has fallen to the vampires, and it’s up to Grier to take out their leader, Gaspard Lacroix, and restore peace. Lacroix might be more powerful and immune to her magic, but she’s got a plan. Too bad it’s got holes big enough for a new threat to waltz through while the city is on her knees.

Now Grier must risk her very soul if she hopes to slay her enemies and prevent her world from going up in flames. But salvation comes at a steep price, and she’s not the only one who will pay. The cost just might break her, and the man who owns her heart.

Review: I must admit that I was looking forward to discovering this new novel. Our heroes were in a pretty critical situation and this sixth volume being the last in the series, I was curious to find out how the story would end, but also to get the answers to my questions.

Grier has to face her grandfather and it is not an easy task… far from it. Her allies are falling one by one and no one else seems to want to help her. She will therefore have to race against the clock to determine how to win this war. However, this will not be the only problem she will face and her family is still waiting to see her in a weak position.

In this novel, we finally learn the truth about Maud’s death and the identity of the culprit, but also about other points that I admit I didn’t see coming. The relationship between Grier and Linus is always very touching and I enjoyed seeing all the characters again. Of course, I also loved Lethe and I admit that I am curious to see if in the novellas, we will learn a little more about this little one once born.

It was a very good conclusion to the series and I can only recommend it if you are looking for a good urban fantasy series!

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