Sin Bin by Maria Luis

Blades Hockey, Book 2

Synopsis: This bad boy hockey player is about to meet his match…

Falling down is an accident.

Staying down is a choice.

Going down is a career-changer … that’s the one I did.

How was I supposed to know that the NHL’s toughest enforcer, the Red Wings’ laundry room, and one security video would be my downfall?


I’ve spent more time in the penalty box than any other player in the NHL, but this time I really screwed up.

How was I supposed to know that one night and one choice would be worse than all of my transgressions on the ice? Now, I’ve lost my team, my sponsors, and my publicist.

For most people, it’s bend or break. For me, it’s melt or harden. My decision became obvious when I walked into my new PR firm, and she was sitting behind the desk.

Review: I had really had a good time with the first volume and I was curious to discover this new story! How can we resist it?

Zoe and Andre have a past, a not very glorious one. After sleeping with her and that a video was broadcast, he dropped her off without ever hearing from her again, despite her efforts to change that. The problem is that her job as a publicist has also taken a hit, and even two years later, it’s still complicated for her to get back to work. So when she is taken on a one-month trial period and her first customer is no one than Andre, she knows it won’t be easy. Far from it! His image is catastrophic, his feelings are complicated, and he continues to be a terrible asshole!

I really had a great time with this novel and was curious to find out what the author was going to propose. Zoe is a girl with a lot of character and I was happy to see that she had so many respondents because Andre likes to provoke her all the time! I was also really curious to find out what our hero was hiding, what made him change so much in such a short time.

Yes, it was a good discovery and I was delighted to see Charlie, Duke and Gwen again! Now I want Gwen’s story!!!

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