Conjuring Quantico by T.S. Paul

The Federal Witch, Book 1

Synopsis: How do you cope with magic that goes its own way?

As a second year FBI academy witch, Agatha Blackmore has a certain reputation. After nearly blowing up the school, an untended mid-air incident involving the FBI Director, and declaring war with the US Marines, she has to wonder if she will even see graduation.

But when a rash of mysterious disappearances catches the attention of local authorities Agatha finds herself asked to lend a hand to the investigation. Determined to offer protection where it is needed the most, Agatha and her quirky roommate Cat along with her mini- unicorn familiar Fergus, attempt to unravel the mysteries of the four distinctly magical disappearances before time runs out.

Does Agatha have what it takes to be an agent? Or will everyone that crosses her end up eating chicken feed for the rest of their lives?

Conjuring Quantico is the first book in a brand new Urban Fantasy by T. S. Paul.
As a direct sequel to Born a Witch… Drafted by the FBI, T.S. Paul returns with the first book of the Federal Witch Series!

Review: I must admit that I was curious when I heard about this novel. How could I resist an FBI story with a witch? No, even better, how can we resist Fergus, our heroine’s mini unicorn, who is as frank as he is perverse? Oh yes, he’s my favorite character in the series and I’m quite excited to see him again I must say!

Agatha is a powerful witch, but her powers have some rather complicated consequences. So everyone is afraid of what will happen when she casts a spell. Everyone is walking on eggshells in front of her and if the government can stop her, they would do it. However, she can also help them and that is just as important. So when little girls disappear, she is called to the scene to try to understand what is happening and especially to find the children before it is too late.

As I was saying, I had a good time with this novel. Agatha doesn’t have many friends, but her best friend, Cat, is everything to her. And as I said, there’s Fergus! Ah, I loved him, he’s sarcastic, funny, doesn’t care about what he says, and all he thinks about is eating! Yes, he is a great mini unicorn! The survey was also fun to discover, but I must say that I think it’s better to read the story before you start writing the novel to understand everything.

It was a good first volume, there is no romance or potential romance and I wonder if it will be developed or not later. In any case, I’m very curious to find the author’s universe again!

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