Lost Soul by Adam J. Wright

Harbinger P.I., Book 1

Synopsis: Alec Harbinger is a preternatural investigator, a hunter of things that go bump in the night. When his employers, the Society of Shadows, banish him from his Chicago office to a small town in Maine, Alec thinks his career and life are over. How is a preternatural investigator supposed to find work in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere? But when a local teenager comes back from a weekend at the lake with an altered personality, Alec is hired to investigate a possible demon possession. A young man turning up at Alec’s office insisting he’s been bitten by a werewolf adds to the caseload. And just to make his first day at the office perfect, Alec discovers that someone in the Society of Shadows is trying to kill him with ogre assassins. No work for a preternatural investigator in a sleepy Maine town? Yeah, about that…

Review: Here’s a new urban fantasy novel with a man as the main character, and I must admit I’m thrilled! It’s not too long, but it doesn’t feel like it at all and I really had a good time!

Alec is a paranormal detective. Until then he was happy to work in Chicago, but one event changed his whole life. A mission in Paris that went very badly and on which I was eager to find out the truth. As a punishment, he finds himself in a city lost in the middle of nowhere and he wonders what he’s going to do there. Yet, and with a lot of surprise, there is much more work to do than he would have thought. He will also meet his new assistant, novice and spy for the Society of Shadows, and we will also discover Mallory, a friend of his. In addition to his work, he will also have to be careful whoever wants to kill him by any means!

As I was saying, I had a really good time with this novel. The characters are fresh, the style is fluid and very pleasant to read and I must admit that I was curious to learn more about the universe and the characters! In fact, I still have several questions that make me want to read more! Only one thing bothered me a little bit, and that’s the therapy scene between Mallorie and Alec. She is traumatized by intimate relationships with men and in the form of therapy she tries to sleep with Alec to finally get over it. It’s true that it made me a little uncomfortable considering her emotional state, her fear, her crying… It’s a rather delicate subject. That aside, I loved discovering this first volume and I’m really curious to get into the next one!

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