Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister

Aisling Grey, Book 4

Synopsis: Drake Vireo, the green dragon of Aisling’s dreams, is finally ready to make an honest woman of her-if she can ever get him to the altar. Being stood up cools Aisling’s jets, but not her passion, which is a good thing when Drake disappears and it’s up to Aisling to find him. At least her doggie demon Jim is always at her side. Just call him a Guardian’s best friend.

Review: This is the last volume of the series and as I had a great time with the first three volumes, I was looking forward to the conclusion of Drake and Aisling story.

The wedding is coming! Oh yes, finally and our two heroes are delighted! It’s not them the problem, no, it’s the universe around them. Yes, because every time they have to walk up the aisle, one of them happens to be absent! Worse, there’s always a very good excuse. But they are determined! Oh yes, they are! Because they’re going to have their wedding, even if Aisling has to go and save her beloved dragon to do it. Of course, she will always be accompanied by René, Jim and this time even her uncle who will discover an unsuspected world!

I had a good time with this volume. Aisling has to face all the problems that occurred in the previous volumes to find a solution. Which will be far from easy, it has to be said! New secondary characters are going to appear and I was delighted to see that some of the characters I’ve seen in other series were introduced here.

It was a series I enjoyed and I’m delighted to have discovered it. I really need to fill in the gaps because I have read many of the author’s books in several of her series and now I would like to read all the missing ones too!

I recommend it! Lots of humor, dragons, and demons, what more could you ask for?

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