Max Abaddon and The Will by Justin Leslie

Max Abaddon, Book 1

Synopsis: The first novel in the thrilling new urban fantasy adventure series Max Abaddon, by Justin S. Leslie.

An unambitious, unemployed bachelor with a penchant for drinking, Max Abaddon inherits an extraordinary gift from his recently deceased grandfather. Now a young hero with new magical powers, Max must embrace his calling and help this hidden world in its war with a murderous darkness.

Suddenly in a position where he’s learning about magical and mythical beings, Max’s third decade of life is starting off in a direction he never would have imagined. Max is discovering a magical new world while it slowly overtakes his old one.

Meanwhile, dark players emerge from the shadows with a plot to disrupt the delicate balance between the natural and the supernatural. To help his new friends, Max must accept his responsibility, get a grip on his new powers, and be careful of who he trusts in this gripping murder mystery set in Florida.

Review: I had seen two reviews of this novel from blogger friends and since I love urban fantasy, I was happy to go for it, curious to see what the author would offer us. Unfortunately, I think I expected a little too much, because I was disappointed…

Max Abbadon is a young man who seems to have missed his life. However, when his grandfather dies, his life is turned upside down. He discovers that his grandfather was part of a secret organization that runs a supernatural world that Max knew nothing about. And now that he’s gone, his place falls to our dear hero, if he accepts it.

The idea is nice, but unfortunately I couldn’t get hooked on the story or the characters. I found that the story was long and that the characters lacked charisma… Maybe, as I said, because I expected a lot…

Anyway, I think I’ll stop here.


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