Steeped to Death by Gretchen Rue

Witches’ Brew Mystery, Book 1

Synopsis: Phoebe Winchester’s beloved aunt Eudora has a taste for adventure—and a knack for making magical tea. It’s even rumored that she just might be a witch. So when Eudora passes away and leaves everything to her niece—her Victorian mansion, her bookshop/tea store, The Earl’s Study, and one very chubby orange cat named Bob—Phoebe gets more than she bargained for. And she knows she’s in deep when a dead man is found on the shop’s back step, apparently killed while trying to break in.

Two suspects immediately emerge among the townspeople of Raven Creek, Washington. There’s village busybody Dierdre Miller, who seems desperate to buy Eudora’s house, and handsome PI Rich, one of Phoebe’s childhood friends—but how well does she really know him after all these years apart?

Phoebe knows she should leave it to the professionals, but as she starts to dig into the underbelly of Raven Creek, she begins to uncover the truth about Eudora. What’s more, her aunt might not have been the only witch in the family, as Phoebe soon discovers she has unique and unexpected gifts of her own.

Now, it’s just a matter of putting her newfound power to the test and cast a spell that could catch a killer.

Review: Sierra Dean is releasing a brand new novel under a new name. I really liked Secret McQueen and was curious to discover the author in this cozy mystery book.

Phoebe Winchester has inherited her aunt who has just passed away. It’s not easy and she has a store to run now. A store that is not so “normal”, it seems that her aunt made magic teas, that she was a witch. But then, when she discovers the body of a man in the back of the store, she tries to understand what people in town are hiding to find out who killed him.

This was a nice, unpretentious little cozy. I expected a little more originality, but it’s not a big deal. I had a good time.


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