Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

Otherworld Stories, Book 3

Synopsis: Rare and never-before published short stories featuring fan favorites from the New York Times bestselling series

It’s been more than ten years since Kelley Armstrong began the Otherworld series and drew legions of fans to a realm roamed by witches, werewolves, necromancers, vampires, and half-demons. Many of the novels have become bestselling favorites, but not all of the Otherworld adventures have been easy to find. At last, Otherworld Nights shares short stories that have previously been available only online or in obscure collections. Fans have long been clamoring for this anthology and they won’t be disappointed—they’ll find plenty of surprises are in store.


An interesting story about Adam and his childhood, how his mother managed the fact that he was changing, without knowing what he was exactly. It was touching to see how she fought to help his son and to understand him. 4/5

I really did not remember Cassandra but it’s a pretty sad story that the author presents here. A young woman who can no longer live by killing and who is looking unconsciously for an end. Yet the man with her, the man she betrayed once, is doing his best to keep her alive. 4/5

I already had the opportunity to read this story and my review is here. http://www.betweendandr.com/2012/07/11/the-hunter-and-the-hunted-by-kelley-armstrong/

I did not know Reese as I have not had a chance to read all the volumes of the series but it was interesting to get to know him, to experience his youth and see what he had to go through and we must say that nothing is simple for him here. 4/5

Lucifer‘s Daughter
A little story about Hope (I do not know about her either) and Karl, two people with different abilities. A half-demon and a werewolf who will have to manage an escaped spirit. 3/5

Oh I loved this story. It is longer than those presented earlier and features Elena, Clay, their children and the entire band. It was a real pleasure to find them all for an unusual Christmas. A Christmas where the kids will understand who they really are and where Clay and Elena will have to protect their families and investigate two brothers. A very good story full of emotions. 5/5

From Russia with Love
Another very good story with all the characters we love and two years after Hidden, presenting us how Elena became Alpha. I completely fell in love with her ​​two little kids and I am curious to read more novels to find them again. 4/5

Vanishing Act
This time we have Savannah, Adam, Paige and Lucas. Kelley Armstrong presents a survey where all our characters appear, and a misunderstanding that occurs between Savannah and Adam about their relationship. 3.5 / 5

We find here some beautiful stories and I was happy to discover more about the world of the author. A good discovery.



Otherworld Nights de Kelley Armstrong (VO)

Otherworld Stories, Tome 3

Résumé (traduction personnelle) : Cela fait plus de dix ans que Kelley Armstrong a commencé la série Otherworld et a attiré des légions de fans dans un domaine parcouru par les sorcières, loups-garous, nécromanciens, vampires, et des demi-démons. Beaucoup de romans sont devenus des best-sellers, mais toutes les aventures Otherworld ne sont pas faciles à trouver. Enfin, Otherworld Nights partage des histoires courtes qui ont été précédemment disponibles uniquement en ligne ou dans des collections obscures. Les fans ont longtemps réclamé cette anthologie et ils ne seront pas déçus-Ils auront beaucoup de surprises en magasin.

Avis :


Une histoire intéressante sur Adam et son enfance, sur la façon dont sa mère a géré le fait qu’il changeait, sans savoir ce qu’il était exactement. C’était touchant de voir à quel point elle se battait pour aider son fils et le comprendre. 4/5


Je ne me rappelais plus vraiment Cassandra mais c’est une histoire assez triste que l’auteur nous présente ici. Une jeune femme qui n’arrive plus à vivre en tuant et qui aimerait inconsciemment que tout s’arrête. Pourtant, l’homme auprès d’elle, l’homme qu’elle a trahi fait de son mieux pour qu’elle reste. 4/5


J’avais déjà eu l’occasion de lire cette histoire et mon avis est ici. http://www.betweendandr.com/2012/07/11/the-hunter-and-the-hunted-de-kelley-armstrong-vo/


Je ne connaissais pas Reese comme je n’ai pas encore eu l’occasion de lire tous les tomes de la série mais c’était intéressant d’apprendre à le connaître, de découvrir sa jeunesse et de voir tout ce qu’il avait dû à traverser et il faut dire que rien n’est simple pour lui ici. 4/5

Lucifer’s Daughter

Une petite histoire au sujet de Hope (que je ne connais pas) et Karl, deux personnes aux facultés différentes. Une demi-démone et un loup-garou qui vont devoir gérer un esprit évadé. 3/5


Oh j’ai adoré cette histoire. Elle est plus longue que celles présentées auparavant et met en scène Elena, Clay, leurs enfants et toute la bande. C’était un réel plaisir de les retrouver tous pour un noël hors du commun. Un noël où les enfants vont comprendre qui ils sont vraiment et où Clay et Elena vont devoir protéger leur famille et enquêter sur deux frères. Une très bonne histoire pleine d’émotions. 5/5

From Russia with Love

Une autre très bonne histoire avec tous les personnages qu’on adore et deux ans après Hidden, une nouvelle nous présentant la façon dont Elena est devenue Alpha. Je suis complètement tombée sous le charme de ses deux petits enfants et je suis curieuse de lire plus de romans pour les retrouver. 4/5

Vanishing Act

Cette fois on passe plutôt du côté Savannah, Adam, Paige et Lucas. Kelley Armstrong nous présente une enquête où tous nos personnages apparaissent, de même qu’un malentendu qui se présente entre Savannah et Adam au sujet de leur relation. 3.5/5


On retrouve ici de jolies histoires et j’étais contente d’en découvrir plus sur le monde de l’auteur. Une bonne découverte.


PS: La série originale existe en Français chez Milady



The hunter and the Hunted by Kelley Armstrong

Otherworld Stories, Book 7.3 and 12.5

Synopsis: In Off-Duty Angel, dark witch and half-demon Eve Levine is desperate for a little entertainment while her lover, Kristof Nast, is detained in afterlife court—enough to volunteer an extra week’s worth of angel corps duty just to pass the time. Luckily something even better comes up: a real celestial bounty-hunter mission to trail a shaman, someone who might prove to be a useful lead in Kristof’s court case. Following the target goes smoothly, until he leads Eve to the British Museum, where she inadvertently steps into a secret dimensional passage and stumbles upon a far more enticing puzzle . . . and a much greater danger.

This collection also includes, Stalked, previously printed in My Big, Fat Supernatural Honeymoon. It’s not a good sign when Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers resort to everyday activities on their long-awaited honeymoon in St. Louis. But their encroaching boredom is about to take a backseat to an unexpected threat that catches Clay’s attention. A non-pack werewolf is clearly stalking them—out to claim Elena for himself—and Clay has no intention of letting the upstart mutt spoil their romantic getaway, even if that means deceiving Elena as he pursues the rival werewolf on his own.
Review: I was curious to see how these two short stories were when I saw it was possible to read them. The novel however presents the first chapters of Thirteen but I didn’t read it as I’m still at the seventh book in the series. Yes, I know… I’m a little late. (Remind me why I read this one in French? I don’t even have a good answer).
Regarding these two stories, I think the synopsis tells a lot so I won’t explain what is going on this time. I was really pleased by the characters featured here, indeed, I love Elena and Clay, as Eve. Well, I confess I like Paige as well, but it’s not for this volume. It’s always a pleasure to learn more about our protagonists. We never get tired with some little stories about them. I don’t think it was a problem for me to have one between book 12 and 13 even if I’m not there yet. I already read the book about Eve and this one is perfectly in continuity. 
I think you know that now, everything is really fast but it was so nice. The Kelley Armstrong writing style is fluid as always and each story is well rhythmic and complete. I think it’s always difficult as we don’t have a lot of pages. 
A nice surprise and I really need to read book 7 now, to continue and read the other books.