De A à X by Frédérique de Keyser

Les Luxurieux

Synopsis (personal translation): Luxuria… Lust… Lustful…

This sounds like a variation. Or a mantra, sensual and voluptuous, which could appeal to recite. We bet that Luxuria’s regulars prefer surrender to sensuality rather than discourse.

Amanda has only the right to remain silent. Virtually thrown to the mercy of a demon in charge of getting her back on the right path, the young woman may thus discover how she was actually lost. It could be the opportunity for her to go on a different route. That, carnal and demanding, leading into the arms of her absolute master.

Review: What I could hate Amanda in the Luxuria saga! She thought she was a dominatrix, but proved to be rather a tormentor. The short story begins with Amanda tied to a cross of St. Andrew and anxious to know she was delivered to a demon who can do what he wants with her.

Hyks is a demon (sexy, male… It’s quite hot here right?) And domineering. He needs to possess. He will help Amanda to get rid of the person she believes to be and let the person she really is. He wants to show her that a master-subject relationship can be fulfilling without romantic feelings, but will Amanda accept that?

The relationship between a demon and a human, the darkest atmosphere, intense feelings of the characters… It really evokes the universe of the Luxuria saga. It is a beautiful story if you can appreciate the domination-submission side of the story. I totally understand that we can not appreciate this. If you like stories without domination, without threesomes (I speak for the Luxuria saga), I advise you not to enter the universe of Frederique de Keyser. However, if you are curious, treat yourself, you will not regret the trip 🙂




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