Guest Posts

C.T. Adams
The Faes World

Cassie Alexander
– The five songs that make me want to write the most 
A Shift in the Life of Edie Spence (traduction)

Anne Barton
Jane Austen

Jane Harvey-Berrick
A Little Carnival Magic

Laura Bickle

Amanda Bonilla :
Intro to the Shaede Assassin World  (traduction)
– Do Alpha Females Have a Place in Romance?
Taking the Urban out of Urban Fantasy
My Top 5 Zombie Apocalypse Team

Jenn Bennett :  
– Arcadia’s Demons
Magician  (traduction)

Skyla Dawn Cameron
Hell Hath No Fury

Amanda Carlson :
– Top Ten Fall Things

Viola Carr
Steampunk is cool! On that, everyone agrees. But what is it?

J.K. Cheney
On the Edge of Exposure

Carolyn Crane :  
– I realized something shocking while writing this post…

Adeline Dias
En rage de toi

Cindy Dees
The Sleeping King
Anne Denier :
Côté Face

Tom Doyle :
The Uncanniness of Birthdays
A Brief History of Magic (in My Fiction)

Cheryse Durrant
Characters teasing the fringes of your mind

David Edison
City Unspoken

Patricia Eimer
Top Ten Reasons To Be An Author

Kimberly Frost :
Kiss or not to Kiss?

Max Gladstone
guest post

Linda Grimes
Character’s interview
Insider Info on some Favorite Characters from the Ciel Halligan Series

Jess Haines : 
The H&W Gang Discuss What It’s Like to be a Hero 
– The H&W Gang Talk About Why Vampires Are Scary  (traduction)
– Vampire Fans Who Take Things A Little Too Far (traduction)

Dragons: One of My Favorite Things

Erica Hayes :  

Nancy Holzner :  
– Excerpt Darklands

Cuyler Overholt
Oh, The Places You’ll Go . . .

Suzanne Johnson :
– Character Central: Meet the Cast of Royal Street (traduction)
TheMost French of American Cities 
Elves and Mermen and Undead Pirates: Welcome to My Life
A City of Stories: Welcome to New Orleans
The Last Pirates, and Jean Lafitte
Down South in the Bayou Country
Setting the Perfect Scene

Casey Keen
What Inspires me to Write?

Jeffe Kennedy
The Twelve Kingdoms
Prisoner of the Crown

Amy Joy Lutchen : 
– Renhala

Darynda Jones : 
Charley Davidson (traduction)
“What do you do when you’re not writing?”

Alissa Johnson
5 Things To Remember When Writing About the Victorian Era

Shawntelle Madison

Suzanne McLeod : (traduction)
Suzanne McLeod’s 7 Dos and Don’ts of Naming Characters
Building Characters!

Kelly Meade
One’s not so different from the other

E.S Moore: 
Choosing a Location
Hoping genre

A.J. Myers :
Something Wicked  


Susannah Sandlin
When Worlds Collide: Creating Heroes and Heroines

Kate Serine :
Finding Inspiration
My favorite Fairytales
Top 10 favorite things about Writing Romantic Suspense

Shannan Sinclair : 
Dream Walker seriesTraduction

A.F.E. Smith
Blood or the crown? Royal families in fantasy

Cyndie Soue :
Juliette, personnage complexe  

Sherry Soule
Supernatural Urban Legends

Amanda Stevens : 
The Withering World of Amelia GrayTraduction 
Tales from the Dark Side

Jillian Stone : 
Excerpt from The Seduction of Phaeton Black 

Stephane Soutoul :
La fantasy urbaine, vue par un auteur français    
– Construction d’univers littéraire en urban-fantasy

Si proche de lui, dans les coulisses d’un Young Adult

Rebekah Turner
Excerpt from Chaos Born

Sandy Williams : 
Top 10   
The Sharpest Blade

Cathy Yardley :
Temping is Hell