Mercy by Mirka Andolfo

Mercy, Book 1

Synopsis: When the placid mining village of Woodsburgh is disturbed by a series of brutal murders, the settlement is in turmoil. And as the first snow covers the chaos in a white blanket, a mysterious woman in black arrives, eliciting a totally different kind of unrest. But who is Lady Hellaine, really? And what’s her secret agenda?

Acclaimed UNNATURAL creator MIRKA ANDOLFO presents a sensual Victorian gothic horror about otherness, damnation, redemption, and what it means to be a monster in a horror tale perfect for fans of Penny Dreadful, Crimson Peak, The Alienist, Parasol Protectorate, and Dark Shadows.

Review: This comic has a really beautiful cover! Well, I had the French collector edition which is a bit different from the English on. The format is bigger and there are bonuses. It’s a very nice gift that I was looking forward to discover.

This first volume is a quick read. It begins the story of Lady Hellaine, a very mysterious woman, capable of impressive things, and that of a little orphan girl who is looking for her mother.

Like the cover, the images inside the comic are sublime and it was a delight to discover them. The story is a bit confusing and is a qick read, but I’m quite curious to see what the sequel will be like.