Just Like Home by Sarah Gailey

Synopsis: “Come home.” Vera’s mother called and Vera obeyed. In spite of their long estrangement, in spite of the memories — she’s come back to the home of a serial killer. Back to face the love she had for her father and the bodies he buried there.

Coming home is hard enough for Vera, and to make things worse, she and her mother aren’t alone. A parasitic artist has moved into the guest house out back, and is slowly stripping Vera’s childhood for spare parts. He insists that he isn’t the one leaving notes around the house in her father’s handwriting… but who else could it possibly be?

There are secrets yet undiscovered in the foundations of the notorious Crowder House. Vera must face them, and find out for herself just how deep the rot goes.

Review: I was pretty intrigued by this novel. It’s been a long time since I’ve read horror novels and I missed it.

Vera left her parents’ house a long time ago. Her mother hates her anyway. Yet, as she is about to die, she asks Vera to come home to put everything in order. It’s not easy for our heroine, especially after everything that has happened, but she does it. Facing her mother is the hardest part, but she has no choice. However, this house hides many secrets and Vera will soon realize it. Especially since a guest is determined to take control of this place.

We discover little by little the past of Vera, what happened with her father and with her mother. I must say that I did not expect this. It was an original novel, about a house that holds many secrets, like our heroine’s past. A very intriguing story!