Flashfire by Deborah Cooke

Dragonfire, Book 7

Synopsis: Master illusionist Lorenzo’s dragon nature is his biggest secret. It’s also another detail to juggle, like ensuring each of his Las Vegas magic shows is a true spectacle. That is until he feels the burn of his firestorm and his whole world shifts.

Lorenzo wants to satisfy the firestorm and put it behind him. But photographer Cassie Redmond is hard to forget. And when Slayers target the mate he didn’t believe he wanted, Lorenzo realizes he’ll do anything to keep Cassie safe…

review: I didn’t know this series at all, so it was a pleasure to discover a book written by Deborah Cooke. I’m always pretty difficult with paranormal romance books as I’m so picky. But what can I say about this one? I was completely surprised by this novel. When I think I didn’t even know the author… Now I really want to discover the other books, as the next ones.
I really loved this story and I confess I finished it quite fast. As soon as we get into the book, we’re hooked by the rhythm of the story and it’s therefore difficult to put it down before the end. It may be due to the fact that the novel features two characters we can only love. Lorenzo is a famous magician but in the same time a real dragon. However, he doesn’t like his nature and it’s for him more a disadvantage than something else. And when everyone wants him to choose between the two clans: the Slayers or the Pyr, he refuses to be part of that. But “no” isn’t an answer the others take well and Lorenzo will see the consequences all along the book. He is a stubborn man, determined for his decisions, good and bad, but he is also loyal when we know him. It was a pleasure to see him change all along the story, to be at first a selfish man, and to become more gentle and understanding.
Cassie is a paparazzi on holidays in Las Vegas. She will meet Lorenzo for the first time during a magic show, where of course she assists quite disinterested. Indeed, she will ask our magician something complicated that will disturb our photograph as well. Cassie and Lorenzo are perfect together, she is as determined as him and once she decides something, nothing can stop her. The dragons are a fascinating topic for our heroin, and she will do everything to discover the secrets of our hero. It was a pleasure to follow her in this book; she is a strong woman who imposes her choices. She will dare to stand against our dragon and face him as no one else. She exactly knows what she wants. Cassie will find herself in a new world she doesn’t know anything about but when she lives in it quite easily.
Of course, there will also be a lot of surprises about the story. We try to understand from the start why everyone wants Lorenzo, because I have to say there are a lot of persons and each wants a specific thing.
Well, I think you understood I really enjoyed this seventh book and these amazing characters. The writing style is fluid and the story interesting. A good series to discover!

17 thoughts on “Flashfire by Deborah Cooke

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you discovered one of the many series I love! Debora’h Cooke’s YA spin off is also great fun. It features the children of the Pyr Deborah features in the earlier books. I agree with you that Lorenzo improves upon further acquaintance. 🙂

  2. Ut oh, you are suffering from Melissa (Books&Things) syndrome. Her and Blodeuedd have taken you into the fold of reading out of order. LOL!! So glad to see you enjoyed it, and that you could pick this one up to enjoy without the others. Great review, and hope you enjoy the other books as well. 😀 Thank you!

  3. I’m picky with paranormal romance too, I’m glad that this was a good one. And that’s awesome that you could jump in in the middle of a series and still enjoy it! I haven’t read this author yet but I remember seeing her books around.

  4. Wow Melianne! I haven’t actually heard of this book before but it sounds AMAZING! Plus, the cover looks really cool too!

    Awesome interview, Melianne! <3 Glad you enjoyed it!

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