Into the Wood by Kim Harrison

The Hollows, Anthology

I really enjoyed these stories. Many are sad and dark but they allow us to learnmore about our characters or the world in which they live. I highly recommend the novel tothe fans of the series. It’s rare that I like all the stories in a book such asthis one, especially as we have a large number of short stories, but it was ultimately the case there. Here’s a little detailof each one:
The Bespelled

We didn’t yet know how Ceri and Al had really met orwhy she haddecided to be at his service. I must say that I did not expect it, but it is actually logical as we know the character she is in the series.We meet a naive and innocent Ceri who has to face a manipulator demonwho knows what he has to do to achieve his goals.

The two ghosts for sister Rachel

This story was beautiful, I had tears in my eyes. We discover the Rachel’s childhood, how she became the person we know. She has overcome many obstacles and I must say I am really impressed. Despite the support of some, she has always been seen as a weak person but she is determined to change that and to realize her dream.

Undead in the garden of good and devil

This story allows us to put ourselves in the place of Ivy before she meets Rachel and to understand what she really thinks. It’s always a bit difficult to know in the novels but like Rachel, she suffered a lot and we can only understand why she needs so much to be close to the witch.

Dirty Magic

I admit that I don’t really remember Mia, the Banshee in the books. But this story is also really sad. Mia would only like to have the man she loves without hurting him and sometimes it is so difficult for her to know she can’t have him. Another very intense story.

The Bridges of Eden Park

This novella is a nice farewell to Kirsten, and if Kim Harrison will miss him, for sure it’s also my case. I enjoyed this character and this novel made me remember him. A story about Kirsten, Rachel and family problems.

Key Line Drifter

It was pretty cute this time to follow Jenks. To see that he is very proud and wants to do everything by himself. He also wants to do everything for his family. We will therefore follow, by his point of view, one of his surveys and the way he will solve the problem. He tries to do the best but sometimes things do not end as planned.

Million Dollar Baby

This story features Jenks and Trent, a great adventure. I must say it was quite funny to see Jenks reassuring Trent, I didn’t expect to see it. It was touching to see the elf’s feelings for his daughter Lucy. A scene that was taken up in the books, but we hadn’t had the opportunity to really discover it.

Pet Shop Boys

I didn’t know the characters, or at least I don’t remember them. So here we discover fae and vampires with consequences on humans. I agree, this story could make a very good start for a new series. I admit that I’m quite intrigued by that world now.

Temson Estates

Here we discover the existence of the Dryads. It’s a cute though very fast story. A young man who inherits a forest and realizes that it’s finally more than that.

Spider Silk

Another story on Dryads. I think it’s really interesting to learn more about them. A dark novella about a small family with a terrible secret. It is true that it makes you want to know more about each character.


I loved this story about Grace and what she manages to become in a story time. I hope to have the opportunity to learn more one day.

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