You Dropped a Blonde on Me by Dakota Cassidy

Ex Trophy Wives, Book 1

Synopsis: She was the perfect party-planning, haute-to-the max trophy wife. Now Maxine Cambridge is broke, unemployable and living with her mother and teenage son in a retirement village, with her self-esteem kicked to the curb.

Until her geeky former classmate Campbell Barker returns, all grown-up- and off-the-scale smokin’ hot. Campbell refuses to believe Max isn’t that smart, funny girl he’s crushed on since high school. The more Max tries to show him he’s wrong, the more she rediscovers her long-retired mojo. Now, she’s ready to throw down some payback on her ex-life and fight for what she deserves…

Review: I’m a big fan of chick-lit books and this one seemed perfect for me, I was therefore very happy to be able to discover more about this novel by Dakota Cassidy. I read several of her books with her paranormal series: Friends accidentaly but not something like this one. The book is quite thick but we can easily read it. Indeed, I let myself carried away by the story we have here.
So we discover Maxine Cambridge, a young woman going through a divorce and who finds herself overnight on the street with her son Connor. But despite her 40 years old, she is determined to find a solution, even if she lives with her mother in her retirement community, she is determined to get out and find a job! Problem? It’s just a lot more complicated than expected to get hired for anything when you do not have any degrees and when you compete with the 18 years old persons. And when she meets Campbell Barker, a man she has not seen since high school, she understands that some of them have changed since adolescence. Even if she is really depressed, Campbell is one of the sexiest men she has ever seen in a long time. Well, he has everything for himself, he is nice, friendly, charming and ready to help all our young heroine. It is however harder for Max as since the deception of her husband, it’s hard for her to trust anyone, and, starting with herself. She is therefore determined to not engage herself in any relationship, a fact that is far from the view of Campbell. In addition to that, the world in which she has evolved so far, gave her a poor image of herself and it will take some time and a lot of reconsiderations before she realize it’s not the truth.
I enjoyed Maxine she is a determined young woman but she came through a lot with her ex-husband and her divorce. It’s funny to see her mood swings, she is very focused when it’s about her work or her son, but for the rest it is very different. Fortunately, Campbell will be there to try to restore her confidence and rebuild her. It is, however, something more complicated than expected, especially when Max does everything to ruin their relationship each time it progresses a little bit. I was really impressed by the assurance and self-control of Campbell. I must say that Max is very annoying sometimes and I do not know if I could have taken as much as he did. Because even if we know that our heroine has a terrible period, it’s sometimes too much and she doesn’t think of the consequences of her actions and words. Our little couple, however, is very cute to follow and we wish them a lot of happiness together throughout the story. There is of course much more here, as Max’s best friend, or even her mother Mona who is really nice and always here for her daughter. But I’ll let you discover all that.
I would say that I was pleasantly surprised by this novel and I was completely carried away by the story and adventures of  Maxine who surprises us that throughout the novel. This is a beautiful romance with an undeniable humor.

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