Lost to the Gray by Amanda Bonilla

Shaede Assassin, Book 2.5

Synopsis: Did he do the right thing?

No one loves Darian like Tyler does. Not her friends. Not her fellow Shaedes. Not the Shaede king who wants her for himself. Tyler is the only one who sees beyond the swagger and swordplay that make her the most fearsome Shaede assassin in the world—the only one who recognizes her loyal heart and vulnerability. But her evolving powers and compulsion to finish every job no matter the stakes fills him with fear. For he knows it’s only a matter of time before he loses her.

When that moment nearly comes—and Tyler discovers a trail of deceit that prevented him from protecting Darian—he snaps. He breaks. And he leaves.

Now he must learn to live without her, even as they remain bound to one another. And when a friend of Darian’s faces an unknown threat, Tyler must find a way to enter the fray without crossing paths with Darian.

Review: Ah Amanda Bonilla… what can I say except that she is the author you MUST read! I’ve never been disappointed by a single book in the Shaede Assassin series and they are always better and better. I was counted the days to finally buy that new novella as soon as it came out. So it goes without saying that I bought and read this novel as soon as I could. And what a sublime story!
We follow, unlike the other volumes, Tyler, the Jinn we have discovered in the first volumes. I admit, I read book 3 before this one which is placed between the second and third installment but it wasn’t a problem at all. I even think that I preferred to do it that way, it allowed me to highlight certain passages in Crave the Darkness. However, I didn’t really expect that the novel would feature this part of the story, therefore, everything was a big surprise. I thought we would have some answers to the questions I had at the end of Volume 3. But this is actually not the case and I am even more curious now. After the end of Blood Before Sunrise, Tyler left Darian to give her some time to think and to be able to attend the inner conflict that exists in him. I enjoyed this story, it allows us to understand our Jinn and how he became the man he is now, as his choice. I still do not believe that the choice he made was good, but now I understand what motivated him. We discover the events following the departure of Tyler who finds himself swept into a terrible story to save Levy. But that’s not all, we can also attend some flashback, including his first meeting with Darian or the first time he was bounded to her. It was beautiful and very interesting. I loved to learn so much more. It is a story full of small discoveries.
A new sublime novel, Amanda Bonilla is a must read!!


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