The Better To See You by Kate Serine

Transplanted Tales, Book 2

Synopsis: Once upon a time, a spell went awry and Make Believe characters were cast into the ordinary world. And the results aren’t always happily ever after…

Everyone thinks fairy godmothers can do no wrong. But if not for a certain spell mis-cast by Lavender Seelie, Cinderella’s former fairy godmother, the Tales would not be stuck in the Here and Now. Fortunately for Lavender, she’s about to get a second chance at a happy ending…

The Refuge, a sanctuary for wayward Tales, seems like the perfect place for Lavender to start a new life—especially when she discovers an unexpected ally in Seth, the brooding werewolf who’s been typecast as a villain ever since his run in with Little Red Riding Hood. But when humans from nearby towns start turning up dead, their bodies mutilated with archaic Tale symbols, Lavender wonders if Seth’s deep sensuality has blinded her to the truth. And that distraction could put innocent lives in danger. Including her own…

Review: After the story featuring Tess, Little Red Riding Hood and Nate Grimm, I was curious to find out who would be staged this time. And I must say that I was not disappointed. We find this time Lavender seeking for a new life after burning the remains of the Charmings. Stating that the Charming are not happy is an understatement, but if this was only them … Since she accidentally sent the story characters in the ordinary world, everyone hates her at the highest point. Everyone except a few people who will help her like Tess and send Seth. But surely she surely didn’t expect that the story would evolve in this way.

It was nice to find Seth once more. We can learn a little more about him and his past. It is true that we know many things through the first volume, but we know this time how he found himself cursed and more than that. It was really interesting to understand what happened to him and it will also allow us to know what exactly happened between him and Tess. Of course, Lavender never had an easy life either and her fate will quickly resonate in Seth. It was very cute to see them together and see the progress of their feelings. Our heroine is very different from the one we had the first volume, she is much quieter, raised and full of doubts. She has some lacks of confidence, but the presence of our beloved werewolf will help her to evolve and flourish. They share many moments together and also meet many of the most fascinating characters. Indeed, we meet Hansel and Gretel but also other less known. We will also have the chance to see Tess and Nate for our greatest pleasure. I appreciate both particularly.

The plot is also very intriguing; some human bodies are found in the city, covered with weird runes only known by Lavender. Runes that could incriminate her by her knowledge of magic. Our heroine is determined to understand what is happening and who is behind the terrible acts before someone else gets killed. But she probably does not expect to attract the wrath of many people and creatures she would have preferred to never meet. I was very curious to see who was behind all the problems.

New stories are highlighted here and we discover the ones of our protagonists with great pleasure. Kate Serine has a perfect command of her characters and their stories, and I can not wait now to read the third book and learn more about Trish and Nikky, this character who warms our heart. Another nice surprise.



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