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Protect and Serve, Book 2

Synopsis: There’s something about prosecuting attorney Elle McCoy that Deputy Gabe Dawson just can’t get enough of. Even with Gabe’s family legacy in law enforcement and promising career, Elle’s smart, sassy rejection of all his charm makes Gabe want her even more.

But Gabe’s confidence is shaken when he’s shot on the steps of the courthouse, protecting Elle from a terrorist intent on revenge. Worse, Elle isn’t out of danger yet. But as they race to counter the terrorist’s next move, Gabe determines to prove to Elle—and himself—that he’s a man worthy of her.

Review: I liked the first book in the series and it’s true that I was curious to get into a new one. Admittedly, Kate Serine presents a very good sequel and I was happy to discover Elle and Gabe!

A family is terrorizing the city, but no one seems able to do anything against them. Yet everything gets worst when one of them kills Gabe’s partner at a party in a bar. The trial appears to strengthen their grip when they lose and vow revenge for what they have experienced. To stay alive, Gabe and Elle will have to join forces to understand what is really happening and to stop the events that worsen gradually.

I will not say more about the plot not too spoil the story but this is a new good novel. It’s quite surprising to see such an unhealthy atmosphere here with this family which eventually creates a sort of cult followed by many. It’s impressive to see what Jeb, the head of the family, is willing to do to bring down the other family he considers enemy.

In short, it is difficult to say that but Jeb does not hesitate to sacrifice his family to achieve his objectives and is even willing to be violent. He’s a completely crazy but it’s true that it’s fascinating to see his limits and especially what Elle and Gabe would be willing to do to stop them. The relationship between the two is rather touching, we see it evolve gradually until something more tenuous appears.

You’ll understand, we have a good plot, a different atmosphere and a couple that is fun to read about. Yes, it’s a good discovery.




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Gabe started awake, throwing off the covers and bolting to his feet. Pain shot up and down his leg as soon as he made contact with the floor, making him groan through clenched teeth and follow it up with a juicy curse.


“I’ll just come back later.”

His gaze shot up to see Elle standing inside the doorway, gorgeous eyes wide, her peaches-and-cream skin flushed an alluring shade of pink that deepened as he gaped at her. When she dropped her gaze, turning first left, then right, as if forgetting where the door was, he suddenly realized his bare ass was hanging out of the back of his hospital gown giving her quite an eyeful.

“No, that’s okay,” he said in a rush. “Come on in.”

He straightened quickly, wincing with the sudden movement, belatedly realizing his wound apparently hadn’t affected other areas of his anatomy and he was sporting some serious morning wood, which was pitching one helluva tent beneath the thin cotton gown.

He cursed again and dropped down on the bed, throwing the blanket over his lower body in one quick motion and trying unsuccessfully to suppress another groan. He squeezed his eyes shut for a second until the wave of agony passed. When he opened them again, he was surprised to see Elle standing before him, her gaze searching his face.

“Are you okay?” she asked, her hand coming up to cup his jaw. The gentle warmth of her palm sent a chill through him, making him shudder. Her hand immediately dropped away at the response, mistakenly thinking her touch was unwanted when, in fact, he desperately he craved it. “I’ll get the nurse.”

When she reached for the call button hanging near the head of the bed, he gently grasped her wrist and drew her hand away. “Leave it. I’m fine.”

She swallowed and dropped her gaze briefly to their hands, looking like she wanted to bolt and rid herself of his touch. He almost released her, saddened that she found the contact so unwanted. But then he felt her pulse quicken beneath his fingertips.

So maybe it wasn’t revulsion she was feeling after all…

When her gaze drifted back up to his, he decided to test his new theory and let his thumb slowly smooth over her skin. “How are you?” he asked softly.

She gave him a tremulous smile and, God help him, he damned near dragged her into his arms and kissed her. But he managed to restrain himself as she said, “Shaken up a bit. But no lasting harm.”

He narrowed his eyes at that, not believing her for a second. “You sure about that, honey?”

“I’ll be okay,” she assured him, nodding a little, her lips pressed together as if she was trying to convince herself of the truth of her words. “It’s just…” She sighed. “I almost died yesterday.”

There it was. The truth they both needed to face. Elle was no fool. Hell, she was brilliant as far as he was concerned. She must’ve known as certainly as he did how close they’d both come to losing their lives the previous day. So there was no denying her words, no use trying to convince her she was mistaken.

“Yeah,” he said, still caressing her pulse point. “You sleep at all last night?”

She shook her head, her eyes beginning to glisten with unshed tears. “No. All I could see when I closed my eyes was—” Her words broke off when her voice hitched with emotion.

Ah hell.

He slipped his hand into the thick waves of hair at the base of her neck and pulled her toward him. Every inch of him—especially those hidden under the blanket—longed to kiss her, but at the last moment, he pressed his lips to her forehead in a lingering kiss.

He didn’t know what to say to make her feel better. It wasn’t like that time when Todd Jenkins had broken up with her a week before the homecoming dance and Gabe had hinted to Chris that maybe he should ask her. Or the time her biggest rival was made editor of the school yearbook and he’d broken into her locker before school to leave her flowers (anonymously, of course). Or the time he’d given Aaron Maguire a fat lip when that asshole had gotten a little grabby with Elle in spite of her saying no loud and clear. Or the time he’d driven two hours to the college she was attending to fix her car on the sly because her aunt Charlotte had mentioned that it wasn’t running and Elle refused to ask for the money to fix it.

He’d been secretly looking out for Elle for as long as he had known her, never letting on that he was the one, never asking for anything in return. Knowing she was safe and happy was enough. But he was at a loss on how to comfort her this time, when they were very literally face to face.

He’d never known how to deal with a woman when she was upset. He supposed he got that from his father, who wasn’t exactly the most nurturing guy. Normally, Gabe bailed when things got serious enough with a woman that she was actually sharing emotions. Okay, to be honest, he usually bailed way before that. But seeing Elle looking lost and afraid brought out a protective urge in him that he’d never really experienced with anyone else—not to this extent, anyway.

He could lie and say she’d be fine in a few days. But the truth was, it might be something that haunted her far longer. God knew he had plenty of nightmares—some of them walked and talked and dropped by for a visit in his hospital room in the middle of the night.

Elle’s hand came up to rest lightly on his chest, and he felt her breath quicken as tension began to build in the air between them. “Thank you for saving my life,” she whispered. She pulled back enough that their faces were just inches apart. And for a moment, he thought she might actually kiss him. The look in her eyes told him she was considering it, which shocked the hell out of him…


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Safe from Harm de Kate SeRine (VO)

Protect and Serve, Tome 2

Résumé (traduction personnelle) : Il y a quelque chose au sujet du procureur Elle McCoy dont le député Gabe Dawson ne peut pas se passer. Même avec l’héritage de la famille de Gabe pour la loi et sa carrière prometteuse, le rejet impertinent d’Elle de son charme donne à Gabe encore plus envie de la séduire.

Mais la confiance de Gabe est secouée quand on lui tire dessus sur les marches du palais de justice, protégeant Elle d’une intention de vengeance. Pire, Elle n’est pas encore hors de danger. Mais dans leur course pour contrer le prochain mouvement terroriste, Gabe est déterminé à prouver à Elle et lui-même qu’il est un homme digne d’elle.

Avis : J’avais bien aimé le premier tome de la série et c’est vrai que j’étais curieuse de me lancer dans la suite. Il faut dire que Kate Serine nous présente un très bon nouveau volet et j’étais contente de découvrir Elle et Gabe !

Une famille terrorise la ville mais personne ne semble capable de faire quoi que ce soit contre eux. Pourtant, tout empire quand un de leur proche tue le partenaire de Gabe lors d’une soirée dans un bar. Le procès semble raffermir leur emprise quand ils perdent et jurent de se venger pour tout ce qu’ils ont vécu. Pour tous les faire tomber, Gabe et Elle vont devoir unir leurs forces et comprendre ce qu’il se passe réellement et arrêter les évènements qui empirent petit à petit.

Je ne vais pas en dire plus sur l’intrigue pour ne pas trop spoiler mais c’est un nouveau bon roman. C’est assez surprenant de voir une ambiance aussi malsaine ici avec cette famille qui crée finalement une sorte de culte que beaucoup suivent. C’est impressionnant de voir ce que Jeb le chef de famille est prêt à faire pour faire tomber la famille qu’il considère comme ennemie.

Bref, c’est assez difficile à dire mais Jeb n’hésite à sacrifier les membres de sa famille pour atteindre ses objectifs et même à être violent. C’est quelqu’un de complètement fou mais c’est vrai que c’est fascinant d’un côté de voir ses limites et surtout de voir ce qu’Elle et Gabe seraient prêts à faire pour les arrêter. La relation entre les deux est d’ailleurs assez touchante, on la voit évoluer petit à petit jusqu’à ce que quelque chose de plus ténu apparaisse.

Vous l’aurez compris, une bonne intrigue, une ambiance différente et un couple que l’on prend plaisir à lire. Oui, c’est une bonne découverte.



Blog Tour: Deceived by Kate SeRine

Dark Alliance, Book 1

Synopsis: Luke Rogan’s assignment is simple: secure young Elijah Scoffield and his mother and bring them back to headquarters–just an ordinary mission for an operative of the Dark Alliance. But Elijah is no ordinary kid. He’s the grandson of one of the country’s most influential politicians–a man privy to the Alliance’s most valuable secrets, including its centuries-long connection to the Knights Templar. And someone else is attempting to capture the boy–someone who’s proven he doesn’t give a damn about collateral damage. . .

Heartbroken at the lies that tore her world apart, Sarah Scoffield will do anything to protect her son–even if that means teaming up with a deadly stranger. But Sarah soon finds herself falling in love with her dark hero. And as danger stalks ever closer, the fiery desire that claims them awakens in Sarah passions she’d thought dead and buried long ago. . .

Review: This is the first novel of a new genre for Kate Serine and it’s true that I was curious to discover the story and to see what the author had in store for us. How not to be a curious while we have an intrigue starring Templar Knights? Yes you heard it right, the Templars!

It is in this context that we meet Luke Rogan, a member of this community, a former mercenary who must now protect a mother and her son against a constant threat. Indeed, it seems that the child is the heir of his grandfather, himself a Templar and thus could hide many secrets that could be very dangerous if they were to be revealed … Knowing this, many people are in pursuit of this little family but Luc is in charge of the case and takes them home to protect them as best as he can. But during that time, Sarah and Luc will connect gradually although he knows that nothing is possible between them.

It was interesting to follow the trio, to see Sarah’s confusion over this new world she does not know about, to understand her betrayal when she realizes that all her relatives played her … but one thing is sure, she is desperate to protect her son! She is a strong and courageous woman who will be forced to change her life in a very short time. And then we have Luc … This character is very enigmatic and yes we are curious to better understand him and to discover the history that he seems to hide. We are quickly affected by these two characters, what they endure and finally the obstacles they must both confront.

It was a very good book and I had a good time with the story. I was curious to find out more about the enemies of the Templars and it was fascinating to see the frames of both organizations. I was a little confused sometimes regarding all the different names, unable to locate everyone while going from one character to another…. These passages were sometimes a bit too rough for me but it’s really a detail and I am curious to read more.



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Deceived de Kate SeRine (VO)

Dark Alliance, Tome 1

Résumé (traduction personnelle) : La mission de Luc Rogan est simple: mettre le jeune Elie Scoffield et sa mère en sécurité et les ramener au siège – juste une mission ordinaire pour un dispositif de Dark Alliance. Mais Élie n’est pas un enfant ordinaire. Il est le petit-fils de l’un des hommes politiques les plus influents du pays – un homme au courant de secrets les plus précieux de l’Alliance, y compris sa séculaire connexion aux Templiers. Et quelqu’un d’autre tente de capturer le garçon – quelqu’un qui a fait ses preuves et qui n’a pas peur des dommages collatéraux. . .

Son cœur brisé par les mensonges qui ont déchiré son monde, Sarah Scoffield fera tout pour protéger son fils – même si cela signifie faire équipe avec un étranger mortel. Mais Sarah tombe rapidement amoureuse de son sombre héros. Et comme le danger se rapproche, le désir ardent qui les revendique éveille en Sarah des passions qu’elle avait pensées disparues et enterrées depuis longtemps. . .

Avis : Voilà le premier roman d’un nouveau genre pour Kate Serine et c’est vrai que j’étais curieuse de découvrir l’histoire et voir ce que l’auteure nous réservait. Comment ne pas être curieux d’une intrigue mettant en scène des templiers ? Oui vous avez bien entendu, les templiers !

C’est dans ce contexte que l’on rencontre Luc Rogan, un membre de cette communauté, un ancien mercenaire qui doit maintenant protéger une mère et de son fils contre une menace constante. En effet, il semblerait que l’enfant soit l’héritier de son grand père, lui-même templier et pourrait donc cacher de nombreux secrets qui pourraient être très dangereux s’ils venaient à être révélés… Sachant ce fait, de nombreuses personnes sont à la poursuite de cette petite famille mais Luc est en charge de l’affaire et les amène chez lui pour les protéger du mieux qu’il le peut. Mais pendant cette période, Sarah et Luc vont se rapprocher petit à petit bien qu’il sache que rien n’est possible entre eux.

C’était intéressant de suivre ce trio, de voir la confusion de Sarah par rapport à ce nouveau monde qu’elle ne connait pas, de comprendre sa trahison quand elle comprend que tous ses proches se sont joués d’elle… mais une chose est sûre, elle est prête à tout pour protéger son fils ! C’est une femme forte et courageuse qui sera contrainte de changer de vie en très peu de temps. Et puis, il y a Luc… Ce personnage est assez énigmatique et c’est vrai qu’on reste curieux de mieux le comprendre et de découvrir son histoire qu’il semble cacher. On est très vite touchée par ces deux personnages, ce qu’ils traversent et finalement les obstacles qu’ils doivent tous les deux affronter.

C’était un très bon roman et j’ai passé un bon moment avec l’histoire. J’étais curieuse d’en découvrir plus sur les ennemis des Templiers et c’était fascinant de voir les trames des deux organisations. J’ai été un peu perdue par contre parfois entre tous les noms différents, n’arrivant pas à situer tout le monde quand on passait d’un personnage à l’autre…. Ces passages-là étaient un peu trop bruts pour moi mais ce n’est réellement qu’un détail et je suis curieuse d’en lire plus.



Stop at Nothing by Kate Serine

Protect and Serve, Book 1

Synopsis: When a high-profile investigation goes wrong, FBI Agent Kyle Dawson is transferred back home where he is forced to confront his demons…and the only woman he ever loved. Three years ago, Kyle and Abby Morrow shared a wild, passionate summer—then Abby broke his heart.


Kyle never stopped loving Abby. So when Abby uncovers evidence of a human-trafficking ring, leading to her sister’s kidnapping, he swears he’ll stop at nothing to bring her sister home and keep Abby safe. Caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse and blindsided by their own explosive desires, they must set aside the past before it’s too late.

Review: I enjoyed the fairy tales series by Kate Serine and it’s true that when I heard about a new, suspense romance story, I admit that I was curious to find out more about it. And in a totally different note, I spent a great time with the story.

We discover Kyle, a FBI agent who is forced after a case to leave and go back to work in his native country. This is not necessarily something nice for him because he has to face his family and his father that he left in pretty bad terms or even the girl he has never stopped loving but who also broke his heart. But their reunion will be far from what they both thought… Indeed, it seems that the young woman had fallen of something terrible while working for a client, a human beings traffic story, and those responsible are not very happy about this leak. It is in this context that our heroine’s sister, Abby, is kidnapped and that Kyle and the young woman will have to team up to understand what exactly is happening. Yet it may well be that this story surpasses her completely and put them all in danger.

I was quickly caught by all events. It was indeed interesting to follow our heroes trying to determine the truth behind the story. I suspected some facts but I also enjoyed seeing how it all unfolded. Many parts enter the fray here and we remain attentive to understand what each character brings to the story. In any case, I took pleasure in discovering Kyle, to see him try to make Abby fall in love with him, to help her and be there whatever happens. We can also see him facing his family and realize that he did not know what was happening in reality. Then we also have Abby… we therefore discover her history, why she left Kyle, her desire to protect her family and to find out what exactly happened. These are two characters very easy to appreciate and I am curious now to see what the author will introduce us in Volume 2.




Stop at Nothing de Kate Serine (VO)

Protect and Serve, Tome 1

Résumé (traduction personnelle) : Quand une enquête de grande envergure tourne mal, l’agent du FBI Kyle Dawson est transféré chez lui où il est forcé de faire face à ses démons … et la seule femme qu’il n’ait jamais aimée. Il y a trois ans, Kyle et Abby Morrow ont partagé un été sauvage et passionné avant qu’Abby ne lui brise le cœur.

Maintenant elle besoin de son aide

Kyle n’a jamais cessé d’aimer Abby. Ainsi, lorsqu’Abby découvre des preuves une piste sur une traite d’êtres humains, conduisant à l’enlèvement de sa sœur, il jure qu’il ne rien ne l’arrêtera pour retrouver la sœur d’Abby et la garder en sécurité. Pris dans un jeu mortel du chat et de la souris et aveuglés par leurs propres désirs explosifs, ils doivent mettre de côté le passé avant qu’il ne soit trop tard.

Avis : J’avais beaucoup apprécié la série de contes de fées de Kate Serine et c’est vrai que quand j’ai entendu parler d’une nouvelle, de romance à suspense, j’avoue que j’ai été curieuse d’en découvrir plus. Et dans un registre totalement différent, j’ai passé un très bon moment avec l’histoire.

On découvre Kyle, un agent du FBI, qui est contraint après une affaire l’obsédant de repartir travailler dans sa contré natale. Ce n’est pas forcément quelque chose d’agréable pour lui car il doit affronter sa famille et son père qu’il a quitté dans d’assez mauvais termes ou encore la fille qu’il n’a jamais cessé d’aimer mais qui lui a brisé le cœur. Pourtant leurs retrouvailles vont être bien loin de ce qu’ils pensaient tous les deux… En effet, il semblerait que la jeune femme soit tombée lors d’un travail pour un client sur une histoire de trafic d’êtres humains et les personnes responsables ne sont pas très contentes de cette fuite. C’est dans ce cadre que la sœur de notre héroïne, Abby, est enlevée et que Kyle et la jeune femme vont devoir faire équipe pour comprendre ce qu’il se passe exactement. Pourtant, il se pourrait bien que cette histoire les surpasse complètement et les mettent tous en danger.

J’ai été assez vite happée par tous les événements. C’était, en effet, intéressant de suivre nos héros pour essayer de déterminer la vérité derrière l’histoire. Je me suis doutée de certains faits par ailleurs mais j’ai beaucoup apprécié de voir comment le tout se déroulait. De nombreuses parties entrent en lice ici et on reste attentif pour comprendre ce chaque personnage amène à l’histoire. Dans tous les cas, j’ai pris plaisir à découvrir Kyle, à le voir essayer de faire tomber Abby amoureuse de lui, à l’aider et à être présent quoi qu’il se passe. On le voit aussi affronter sa famille et se rendre compte qu’il ne connaissait pas tout ce qu’il se passait en réalité et puis il y a Abby. On découvre aussi son histoire, la raison pour laquelle elle a laissé partir Kyle, son envie de protéger sa famille et de découvrir ce qu’il se passe exactement. Ce sont deux personnages qu’il est très facile d’apprécier et je suis curieuse maintenant ce que l’auteure va nous présenter pour le tome 2.



Guest post – Kate Serine + concours/giveaway (+traduction)

Welcome to Kate Serine the author of the Transplanted Tales series. Her last book Ever After is out this month. Thanks to her for this post.


My Favorite Fairytales

I’d originally planned to talk about my all-time favorite fairytale. But then I realized I couldn’t possibly pick just one! (Perhaps that’s why I have such a large cast of characters in each of my novels….)

So, instead, I decided to choose my top five favorites and share a little about why I adore them. Here they are, in no particular order:

1)      Beauty and the Beast – I’ve loved this story since I was a little girl. I remember seeing a made-for-TV movie of it when I was about seven or eight years old and being completely captivated by the love story. And I think part of the reason this story continues to remain in my Top Five is because its message of selfless love, sacrifice, self-discovery, and personal growth is timeless.

2)      Snow-White and Rose-Red – In this story, a prince who has been turned into a bear by a wicked dwarf is rescued by the kindness and love of two sisters. I’m not sure what it is about this story that sets it above so many others, but I just know this was the book I always chose when it was time to curl up in my mom’s lap for story time and that it still has a special place in my heart.

3)      The Three Bears – This story was probably one of the first fairytales I ever reimagined. I know this because somewhere in the family archives there’s a recording of me at age three telling an action-packed version of The Three Bears to my aunt and uncle. There was scandal, intrigue, and all kinds of zaniness. This will always be one of my favorites.

4)      Rumpelstiltskin – I think my love for this story is more about my childhood memories than the story itself. My mother is a wonderful storyteller and used to entertain us at bedtime by acting out the stories, complete with silly voices for each character and a lot of slapstick comedy. Of all her bedtime stories, this one was the most fun to hear her tell. I had great fun reimagining the character of Rumpelstiltskin in Along Came a Spider.

5)      Little Red Riding Hood – I’ve always wanted a red hooded cloak. I know, I know. They’re not exactly practical. But what can I say? They’re romantic. 😉 Little Red’s fashion choices aside, I’ve always loved the element of suspense in this story. No matter how many times I heard it as a little girl I was always on the edge of my seat. Considering how much I love this fairytale, it seems fitting that Little Red Riding Hood wound up as the protagonist in the first book of my Transplanted Tales series.


Mes contes de fées préférés

J’avais initialement prévu de parler de mon conte de fées préféré. Mais ensuite, j’ai réalisé que je ne pouvais pas en choisir un seul! (Peut-être que c’est pourquoi j’ai un si grand groupe de personnages dans chacun de mes romans …).

Ainsi, au lieu, j’ai décidé de choisir mes cinq premiers favoris et partager un peu pourquoi je les adore. Ici, il n’y a pas d’ordre particulier :

1) La Belle et la Bête – J’aime cette histoire depuis que je suis petite fille. Je me souviens avoir vu un film télévisé quand j’avais environ sept ou huit ans et j’ai été complètement captivée par l’histoire d’amour. Et je pense qu’une partie de la raison pour laquelle cette histoire continue à rester dans mon Top Five est parce que son message est basé sur l’amour désintéressé, le sacrifice, la découverte de soi et la croissance personnelle qui sont intemporels.

2) Blanche-Neige et Rose-Rouge – Dans cette histoire, un prince qui a été transformé en ours par un nain méchant est sauvé par la bonté et l’amour de deux sœurs. Je ne sais pas ce qui met histoire au-dessus de beaucoup d’autres, mais je sais juste que c’est le livre que je choisissais toujours quand il était temps de se lover sur les genoux de ma mère pour l’heure du conte et il a encore une place spéciale dans mon cœur.

3) Les trois ours – Cette histoire a probablement été l’un des premiers contes de fées que j’ai jamais repensé. Je le sais parce que, quelque part dans les archives de la famille, il ya un enregistrement de moi à trois ans en train de raconter une version pleine d’action des Trois Ours à ma tante et mon oncle. Il y avait du scandale, de l’intrigue, et toutes sortes de loufoquerie. Ce sera toujours un de mes favoris.

4) Rumpelstiltskin – je pense que mon amour pour cette histoire est plus en rapport avec mes souvenirs d’enfance que l’histoire elle-même. Ma mère est une conteuse de merveille et l’utilisait pour nous divertir au coucher, en agissant sur ​​les histoires, les complétant avec des voix stupides pour chaque personnage et beaucoup de comédie burlesque. De toutes ses histoires au coucher, celle-ci était la plus amusante à écouter. J’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à réinventer le personnage de Rumpelstiltskin dans Along Came a Spider.

5) Le Petit Chaperon Rouge – J’ai toujours voulu un manteau à capuchon rouge. Je sais, je sais. Ils ne sont pas exactement pratique. Mais que puis-je dire? Ils sont romantiques. 😉 Les choix de mode de Little Red mis à part, j’ai toujours aimé l’élément de suspens dans cette histoire. Peu importe combien de fois je l’ai entendu petite fille, j’étais toujours attentive. Considérant à quel point j’aime ce conte de fées, il semble normal que le Petit Chaperon Rouge se retrouve en tant que protagoniste dans le premier livre de ma série de contes transplanté.


Author Bio: Kate SeRine (pronounced “serene”) is a hopeless romantic who firmly believes in true love that lasts forever. So it’s no surprise that when she began writing her own stories, Kate vowed her characters would always have a happily ever after. She’s the author of the award-winning TRANSPLANTED TALES series and will be releasing the TEMPLAR LEGACY series with Kensington and the PROTECT AND SERVE series with Sourcebooks in 2015/2016.

Kate lives in a smallish, quintessentially Midwestern town with her husband and two sons, who share her love of storytelling. She never tires of creating new worlds to share and is even now working on her next project.

Transplanted Tales, Book 4

Synopsis: To Catch a Thief…

For centuries, Gideon Montrose has served the King of Fairies without question and, often, without mercy. So when the King orders him to apprehend a notorious thief, Gideon obeys. But when he finally gets his hands on the beautiful culprit, Gideon’s in for a shock.

Arabella Locksley is none other than the spirited, unpredictable woman he knew back in Make Believe as Robin Hood — the love of his life whose tragic death destroyed his chance at Happily Ever After.

Now, he has an impossible choice. Betray the woman he once loved, or the king he’s bound to serve?


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