Stacking the Shelves #59

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Kat Redding series signed + Little David Lost – E.S. Moore (INT)

Ce qui nous Lie – Samantha Bailly (FR/BE)

The Last Word – Lisa Lutz (US)

Quick Fix – Linda Grimes (INT)

Lord Jack à tout prix / Surprising Lord Jack signed – Sally MacKenzie (INT)

Bitter Disenchantment – Shawntelle Madison (INT)

Redemption & Revelation – Erica Hayes (INT)

Secret Unleashed – Sierra Dean (INT)


Alien in the Family (Katherine ‘Kitty” Katt) – Gini Koch

Super-Being Exterminator Kitty Katt and the Alpha Centaurian she loves, Jeff Martini, should be finalizing their wedding plans. But that was before she discovers Jeff is in line to become Emperor back on his home world. Kitty knows she is everything a royal family wouldn’t approve of, and is bracing herself for the worst. As it turns out, the royal family is just the beginning. Especially when extraterrestrial Amazonian terrorists are determined to start and end Kitty and Jeff’s nuptial festivities with a bang.

Meurtre à Shakespeare (Lily Bard, 1) – Charlaine Harris

Je m’appelle Lily Bard et je mène une petite vie tranquille à Shakespeare, Arkansas, où je me suis installée pour oublier mon passé. Aujourd’hui, tout a changé. En rentrant, j’ai fait une macabre découverte : le cadavre de mon propriétaire.
Après avoir paniqué et mis mes empreintes partout, je me suis éclipsée… Je n’ai plus le choix, il faut que je retrouve l’assassin avant que l’on ne vienne sortir les squelettes de mon placard…

The Renfield Syndrome (Rhiannon’s Law, 2) – J.A. Saare

Vampires, and werewolves, and demons, oh my.

Rhiannon thought facing off against a deranged child vampire was the most dangerous task she would ever have to undertake, but she’s about to discover making a deal with a demon is far, far worse. Sent forward into another reality, one in which vampires are now dominating nearly extinct humans, she realizes the sooner she returns to her vampire lover, Disco, the better.

Unfortunately, time changes a lot of things; including those most trusted around her. When she’s faced with a loss and betrayal unlike any she has ever known, her focus shifts from severing the debt between the demon that wants to kill her, to exacting a revenge that will bring forth consequences she never could have fathomed. By reaching out to the darkness lingering within her, she’ll find the strength to push forward despite the circumstances that would see her dead and buried.

After all, when it’s all said and done, all that she has left to lose is her soul.


67 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves #59

  1. ^^ i loved the gini koch one, i don’t know the others
    je dois encore decouvrir charlaine harris mnt que j’ai enfin sookie tome 1 mais en ce moment ce n’est pas vraiment le livre que je suis tentée de lire

  2. OOoh nice! Never read Charlaine’s Lily Bard series! Hope you enjoy all your new reads!

    My STS goes up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower 🙂

  3. So not entirely related to this post-but seeing as how this was my first visit-I love how they are both in English and French. I took French in high school, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read anything in it! I’m totally going to try now. 🙂

    Also-really good haul this week! I love the cover of the Lily Bard book.

  4. J’adore la couverture de Alien in family !!! Et j,espère que tu aimeras tout autant que moi le premier tome de Lily Bard… D’ailleurs j,ai terminé le tome 2 cette semaine… Bisous et bonne lecture xox

  5. I’ve never heard of that Charlaine Harris book before but I looove the cover! And it says something about assassions in the description which means it must go on my TBR 😉
    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!

  6. I’m going to attempt to comment in French, even though it’s been close to 20 years since I’ve taken a French class, so I apologize in advance for destroying your language!

    J’aime la couverture de Lily Bard. C’est si jolie – meilleur que la couverture Americaine. La tete mange la rose.

    OK , that’s the best I can do. I’ve now brought shame upon the American educational system. 🙂

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

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