Chasing the Shadows by Keri Arthur

Nikki & Michael, Book 3

Synopsis: Nikki James is in San Francisco at the request of her partner and best friend, Jake. The wife of an old friend is missing, and Jake intends to find her—whatever the cost. The authorities believe the kidnappings to be the work of a sick mind, but Nikki knows that the truth is something much worse—especially since she seems to have an unexpected psychic link to the killer. But as always, she is more than willing to risk her own life to save another’s.

For Michael Kelly, Nikki’s bravado is a source of endless terror. He wants nothing more than to make Nikki a permanent part of his life, but he knows that her quest is sure to get her killed. As they chase through the sewers and tunnels of San Francisco and the body count begins to rise, Michael badgers her to stay off the case, but Nikki has no intention of complying. She wants him to realize that she’s either a full partner in his life or she’s out. But nothing prepares her for the price she has to pay for her stubbornness—the life of someone she loves.

Review: I was curious to read the third book. I must say that Nikki and Michael are finally together for our pleasure, something we have been waiting for since the first volume. But nothing is simple, and many things are waiting for our little couple.

Finally, as I said our heroes live together, but Nikki is still apart from his life for the Circle. And you can imagine that she really doesn’t like it, it’s not even something she readily accepts. But whatever happens, he remains determined to keep her away from it. But could this stubbornness break their relationship for good? By a quirk of circumstance, a Nikki and Jake’s case meets with one of Michael’s and despite his refusal, he is forced to work with her on this new mission. In fact, a Jake’s friend has been taken and she is not the first one. However, the mutilated bodies reappear and our heroes need to understand what is going on to save all these young women. But the danger is becoming more present, especially when the madman behind the murders decides that Nikki might be too dangerous for him and that she must at all costs be eliminated.

I admit that I was very curious to find out who the culprit was. I did not expect that the story would be solved like that and I was surprised more than once. The survey is well done and I found it very interesting to follow the tracks throughout the story. I was however heart broken about the relationship between Nikki and Michael. they’re both understandably, she wants to be part of his life, be his equal partner and he wants to do everything to protect her and keep her safe. But of course they want to go against the wishes of the other and sparks erupt more than once between them. I hoped they could reach a compromise and yet the two are the most stubborn people I know. In addition to this, we can see that the link between them is strengthened, while adding exceptional powers to each and I’m curious about their limits. Nikki has changed a lot since the first book and I hope she will accept the person she is becoming. Yet we also see that our two heroes love each other a lot and it was a pleasure to see them so happy when they do not fight.

Regarding the end of the book, as stated in the synopsis, a person close to her will die and I did not really expect that. I was very sad when I realized that we’ll never meet again this character again. At the same time, this death will make them understand many things. I’m curious to see what happens afterwards.

So it was again a good book and I look forward to read the fourth volume. Big changes are announced and I’m really curious to learn more about the Circle!



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