Night Vision by Yasmine Galenorn

Indigo Court, Book 4

Synopsis: Eons ago, vampires tried to turn the dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic enemy more powerful than they could have imagined. Now, even with Myst, the Queen of the Indigo Court, temporarily out of action, the new Queens of the Golden Wood find themselves facing incredible danger…

Destined to become the Fae Queens of Winter and Summer, Wind Witch Cicely and her cousin, Rhiannon, are eager to assume their roles and marry the loves of their lives. But while Myst hides in the shadows, seeking to regroup her forces, another danger is lurking closer. Renegade vampires Geoffrey and Leo manage to free the Blood Oracle and set him upon New Forest, Washington. Not satisfied with wreaking havoc on the town, Leo ups the ante by kidnapping Rhiannon. Now, Cicely must lead her forces in a bloody battle to save her cousin before everything they’ve worked for crumbles to dust.

Review: I have a little trouble with the Yasmine Galenorn’s series: Sisters of the Moon, which I think, lacks a little something. But I did not know anything about this series, so I was curious to see how it would be. And I must say that despite the context which is close enough, I liked this one a little more than the other that I have read.

I do not know the other novels, and I confess I do not know what they are about but I love novels on faes and I was very curious to know more about this one. Cicely and Rhia are two young women not destined to become queen of the two fae’s lands. Yet here they are ready to enter in a new life, even if they are very anxious for these new responsibilities. However, this progress will not be easy and two vampires will do anything to stop them and get what they want.

I admit that I was curious to discover both worlds and see how the author would show us everything. We eventually discover a part of the Winter land, but I confess that I am curious to learn more about it. They are two worlds quite fascinating! However, I think we sometimes had some lenghts and I had a little trouble to hold onto every moment of the story. But I was curious to see how our two heroines would manage to live like this. The two young women are brave and determined yet they do not really know how to behave or how to become the queen that everyone expects. It’s pretty impressive to see how they need to change and try to become a person they never thought to be.

That’s a pretty interesting story that allows us to follow the adventures of two young women who are opened to a whole new life with the people they love, even if this will be far from easy. I admit that I ‘m curious enough to see how the first volumes are, the series is much darker and more complex than the Sisters. Something quite intriguing.



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